3 Minutes Boy Meets Girl


‘3 Minutes Boy Meets Girl’ is an anthology of short stories produced by the authors working at Famitsu Bunko. There are 19 chapters from 19 different authors.


Author: Sennendou Taguchi (Author of Gargoyle of Yoshinaga Family)

Illustrator: Won


Author: Akira (Author of Sasami-san @ Ganbaranai, Yume Nikki)

Illustrator: Sadoru Chiba


Author: Sadanatsu Anda (Author of Kokoro Connect)

Illustrator: Subachi


Author: Akihiko Ureshino (Author of KOF)

Illustrator: Shirabi

Chapter 5


Author: Ichirou Sakaki (Author of Scrapped Princess, Outbreak Company, Hitsugi no Chaika)

Illustrator: Won


Author: Takaaki Kaima (Author of Gakkou no Kaidan)

Illustrator: Shirabi


Chapter 15

Author: Miyabi Hasegawa (Author of Dream Maker in Dawn, Granblue Fantasy LN)

Illustrator: kyo


Chapter 16


Author: Shin Araki (Author of GJ-Bu)

Illustrator: Won



Chapter 17


Author: Shio Sasahara (Author of Minarai Shinkan Level 1)

Illustrator: Shirabi



Chapter 18


Author: Noritake Tao (Author of Complete Novice)

Illustrator: Chiba Sadoru


Chapter 19


Author: Kenji Inoue (Author of Baka to Test to Shokanju)

Illustrator: Subachi


  1. The stories are awesome 😃😃😃 I wish that there was more explanations and conclusions too… But seriously this is great… Thank you very much for translating these…

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