July 2018 Announcements

Half a year has passed.

So, let’s go back to look what happened over this past period.

Infinite Stratos got licensed by J-Novel Club. I’m not exactly proud to say that I worked on that series, but I did, so got to put it out there, I think. Got to finish the translation of the strangled series, finally.

…Still haven’t kickstarted the translations of Magdala, nor did I do up more of the Sunday series.

It’s hypocritical of me, but while I created this site to keep a lower profile, I’ve become more vocal, mainly due to Discord. Well, I’m the one doing crazy bets with other guys, so I guess I deserve this.

The wage slave’s job is never done.


Short-term plans are to finish Unicorn 10 and Kamimemo 9, two series I owed for a long time. After that, I will focus on a some niche stuff.

Also, no 86 volume 3 until my editor finishes the edits of volume 2.


Speaking of 86…looking through the animenewsnetwork forum thread and the outrage people have about it has, mostly about racism, left me bemused by some of the comments.

To quote Lena’s mother in volume 1: “Ahh, filth. Absolute filth. Just to think, ten years ago, these creatures appearing just like humans were jumping about on the Liberté et Égalité, and now it’s happening again, ahh. For how long shall the freedom and equality of the Republic be trampled upon?”

And to summarize on this particular issue, aren’t you guys being too fixated on the racism part when it’s not the main theme of the story? The author’s a mecha nerd at heart, after all. I did comment that any discussion of this story will devolve into a /m/ + /pol/ thread. So far, I haven’t been convinced otherwise. It was pretty bad without an anime adaptation. Any more and it’ll become Ground Zero.

Ahh, and while we’re on this matter, there’s also the manga chapter 2 I have translated. https://pastebin.com/T9G6HU5u I don’t have the RAWs for chapter 3 though.

Also, I’m currently working on a remastered version of volume 1. Hopefully no drastic changes, just correcting some mistakes on my part, reworking some sentences because even I do not fully understand what the Para-RAID is.

To wit, the Geade Federation crest looks like this:


A little resemblance to the Albanian flag there:


Image result for albania


Somehow, while this 86 is a Japanese light novel, I’ve been replaying a Chinese song when working on it, mostly because of the theme of ‘convictions’ despite the circumstances of the three protagonists in the story (Yes, there are three). How are you going to live? What will you be remembered as?

As for the other series, I haven’t had time to translate anything, and I doubt I’ll translate anything next month either, so don’t bother coming back for updates over these two months.


To talk about other stuff:

Y: You never know when ping releases chapters.
Y: It just appears before you know it
Me: I got posts and pages
P: Yes and they’re a mess
Me: I’m not sorrt, sorry =P
Me: It’s more fun to keep you looking for stuff like how Hikari does it with Akitsuki


So yeah, if there’s any update, they won’t be showing up on novelupdates unless I want them to show up. Manual updates is kinda tiring. Thus, I won’t be updating on NU in the future, partially to stop the scrapers who upload to their sites for ad revenue, and partially because it amuses me.

Actually, it’s because it amuses me.

On a personal note, I do prefer more grounded stories nowadays, so preferably no supernatural stories if I do pick up new series. No isekai, because I have shown disdain towards it. And no happy, fluffy stories.

Frozen: No ping, stop thinking about killing all the time.

Me: Hold my 86.


  1. well, I want to ask one thing. If your editor finish editting 86 vol 2 then you will continue translate vol 3 right? I love 86, so it’s kinda sad if you drop it.

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