Legend had it,

That, when a demon awoke from the depths of darkness, when the world was turned to hell,

The god of fate would choose six warriors and grant them the power to save the world.

What this story would begin to describe would be the stories of these warriors who bore the mission to save the world.

In their story, there would be an important thing,

There had to be 6 warriors chosen to save the world.

Not 5, not 7. It had to be six people.

A boy continued to run within the forest covered with thick mist.

This was a young swordsman with flowing red long hair.

His hemp clothing had a layer of light leather armor over it, and his head had a metal forehead protector wrapped around. His right hand was holding a small but sturdy sharp sword.

The four straps of thick leather around his waists were particularly eye-catching, and each leather strap had several small bags on them.


The boy was already covered in wounds, and his tattered hemp clothing revealed many wounds caused by sharp weapons below. The leather was burnt, the skin on his hands had burn marks imprinted on them, and the blood flowing out had already dyed his shoes. An ordinary person would have fallen unconscious if they were as severely injured as him.

The boy’s name was Adlet Maia, 18 years old as of this point.

Adlet, who kept running, turned behind to look. The fog and leaves had already blocked out the light, and the forest was covered in darkness. He could vaguely see a person amidst that dim and dark fog.

Adlet was being hunted by someone. That person was only around 30m behind him. This is bad.”

The moment he had this thought, a voice rang through the forest.

“Over there!?”

The girl yelled loudly with a high-pitched, gentle nestling’s voice.

“Damn it!”

The moment he heard that, there was a sharp knife thrown right at Adlet’s feet. The silver blade that was about 3 meters long suddenly came flying through from ground where there was nothing.

The tip of the blade was stabbed right at Adlet’s heart.

Adlet grabbed his sword with a reverse grip and swung out. The quartz on the sword’s hilt barely managed to block the tip of the blade, and the strong recoil caused Adlet to fly back. The blade from before scattered as a pile of dust.

Adlet rolled back, stabbed his sword hard into the ground, used the strength in his arms to support his falling body and leapt up. The next moment, 3 sharp blades attacked Adlet from the ground again. He managed to let his body graze the blades.

“Did I get him?”

The pursuing girl said. Adlet landed on the ground and answered,

“…How naïve. You need to strike more stealthily if you want to finish me off.”

Adlet said as he continued to run without stopping, and said when the fog got so thick that he lost sight of his pursuer,

“You need to work harder! How can the strongest guy in this world get caught just like this?”

“You’re really stubborn!”

The girl continued her pursuit. Adlet held onto his right arms tightly as he continued to run. In fact, he did not managed to dodge the attack just now completely. His arms had cuts on them, and blood continued to flow. He was already at his limit trying to maintain a steady voice, hiding his injuries.

Adlet ran as he looked at the back of his right hand. There was an inexplicable emblem carved on it, and at the center of this complicated flower pattern circle that was the size of a baby’s hand, there was a flower with 6 petals on it. The emblem was giving off a vague light red glow.

Adlet stared at the emblem and muttered,

“How can I die here? How can a warrior of the six flowers die here!?”

The thing on Adlet s right hand was commonly called the emblem of the six flowers. It was the proof of a warrior chosen to bear the mission to save the world.

Legend had it that there was an abnormally horrifying demon asleep at the ends of the western mainland.

Its appearance was horrifying to talk about, and its power knew no ends. Its existence was said to destroy humans. Once this demon awoke from its slumber, it would command several thousand evil demons to invade the mainland and turn the entire earth into hell.

That demon never had a name, and everyone called it the demon lord.

Legend had it that when the demon lord was about to rise from its slumber, the god of fate would choose 6 warriors. The chosen 6 warriors would have a flower-like emblem on them, and those chosen 6 would be able to beat the demon lord.

Adlet Myer was chosen as one of the Six and embarked on his journey to beat the demon lord. He should be meeting his companions, the warriors who were also chosen, bond with them and head to the place the demon lord was sleeping.


“You still won’t give up!”

A girl’s voice came from behind, and the sharp blades shot up from his feet again. Adlet continued to run away in despair. The excessive blood loss caused his vision to blur; his fingers were numb, and his legs were limp, but he definitely could not stop. Once the other party were to catch up to him, death would be the only thing awaiting him.

Why must things end up like this? Adlet wondered. At this moment, they should be charging forward to the land where the demon lord rested in slumber. They should be teaming up with their comrades, chosen by Fate, and fight the demons in their way. However, Adlet was being pursued by the girl, and was about to be killed.

“Right now!”

The girl continued to launch consecutive attacks at where Adlet was. The sharp blades grazed by Adlet’s hair, and the armor was shattered.


He ducked down to dodge the sharp blade that closed in on him from the front, immediately got up, and continued to run. The next sharp blade came from right below him, and he immediately jumped aside and rolled over.
The attacks were not precisely, but they were more venomous, and there would be 1 or 2 amongst the numerous blades that would attack the vitals. The distance between the two of them shrank while Adlet continued to dodge these attacks.


Two sharp blades flew in from the left and right. One of them stabbed right into the side of Adlet’s waist, and as his rib was severed, his body was sent flying and caused him to roll on the ground. Adlet spat out blood from deep within his throat, and pressed on his side waist as he knelt down, unable to stand up any further.

The pursuer had already advanced to a position Adlet could see.

“…I finally caught up to you.”

A girl walked out from the shades under the shrubs standing in the mist.

It was a girl with a gorgeous appearance. She was wearing white armor, and the hilt of the rapier was ornamented with jewels. She was wearing a bunny-ear helmet that fitted her head neatly.

She had bright flaxen-colored hair, her red eyes were large, and her lips were well-rounded. This was a pretty girl with a radiant face; her standing there alone was enough to display her elegance and nobility, and she was completely shrouded in an aura of regal.


Aldet called out the girl’s name,

He knew that Nashetania’s chest had a six-flower emblem, just like him, and he knew she was one of the Chosen Six warriors destined to beat the demon lord, but he was going to be killed by a comrade he should be fighting alongside.

“…Listen to me, Nashetania.”

“What is it?”

“…I’m your ally.”

Nashetanaia smirked and pointed the rapier at Aldet. The blade reached out and stabbed through Adlet’s ear.

“What nonsense are you still spouting now?”

Nashetania chuckled, but her eyes were ostensibly staring down at a parasite.

“What a foolish man you are. I can still give you an enjoyable death if you had surrendered and asked for penitence.”

“I’m not going to. It’s not like I did anything wrong.”

“It’s useless. I won’t be fooled.”

Nashetania heaved a sigh calmly.

“You set a trap on us. You tricked us and hurt us. It’s a clear fact that you’re the fake.”

“I’m not lying. You’re the one being fooled here. The enemy’s trying to make use of you and kill me!”

These words fell upon deaf ears to Nashetania.

“I didn’t kill my comrades, and I didn’t set a trap on everyone.”

“I should have said to you before that I won’t be fooled by you.”

“I’m not lying! Listen to me, Nashetania! I’m not the 7th!”

Nashetania held onto the rapier and stabbed it forward. The tip of the blade was aimed at Adlet’s heart.

“No. You are the 7th.”

Legend had it,

That when the demon god awoke from the depths of darkness, and when the world was faced with a crisis, the god of Fate would choose 6 warriors. These 6 warriors would have emblems with floral patterns, and only the 6 could defeat the demon lord and protect the world.


While there were supposed to be 6 warriors with floral patterns, 7 appeared.

The 7 of them definitely had the real emblems.

Why was it that there was one extra person? Adlet knew the reason behind this.

One of the 7 was an enemy. This person came in secretly to set a trap on the 6 flower warriors, and to kill them.

Who amongst the 7 warriors was the enemy?

Adlet still did not know the answer to this.

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