The Eighty-Sixers, who were robbed of their human rights by their country and forced to fight the unmanned units of the Legion on the frontlines, were not exactly fighting all day long.

In her room in the peaceful capital that was far away from the front line, Lena flipped the catalog pamphlets given by the salespeople wandering outside the department store, and listened to the movements on the other side, her hearing synchronized through the Para-RAID,

“Anyway, is it not dangerous to walk around outside the battle area alone?”

Shin was exploring a ruined city in a corner of the battle zone, searching for supplies, and he seemed to shrug, saying,

“Nothing will happen. I assume you know that there aren’t any “Legion” around here.”

“That may be so, but there may be wolves or tigers or bears roaming around.”

“They’ll also be targeted by the “Legion” in the heat of the battle, so they won’t be running out from their territories. They resemble humans somewhat, so humans will assume their landmines and won’t try to approach them.”

And there aren’t any tigers nearby, so Shin calmly retorted. Lena pursed her lips, and then opened them.

Shin might have noticed something. Compared to the beginning, they were starting to discuss some random topics.

“You seem to be happy…what are you doing now?”

“Eh?…Ah, well.”

Shin suddenly thought of something, and let out a chuckle. While it was a different purpose, it certainly resembled shooting out the gunpowder blocking a barrel.

“Just comparing and picking out cannons.”

“…………Is this, interesting?”

“Hm, Well, I think you must be quite happy right now…it’s more like you to say such things.”

The Para-RAID allowed for individuals to communicate voices to each other through the collective subconsciousness, and also the feelings as though they were face to face. At this moment, the stoci Shin, who was in the midst of being connected, felt a sense of joy that was rare of him.

In any case, he found the entrance to an underground building that he had never entered before.

Then, holding a light stick in one hand, he ventured in as though he was exploring a maze.

The Eighty-Sixers were confined in the concentration camps, devoid of entertainment since childhood, raised in a battlefield with their futures uncertain, and they had a strong desire to find fun in the little things of daily mundane life.

The favorite pastime of boys in particular would probably be an adventure or secret base or the like.

The silent footsteps were unspeakably light, and probably nobody would assume one was wandering around. Lena giggled when she saw Shin’s desire to find something no matter the cost.

“It would be nice to find something, like an ancient relic, a pirate’s treasure, or something like that.”

“We’re inland It’s probably a subway ruin. Those things you mentioned won’t be around.”

Shin noted wryly to Lena who was being giddy and all by herself, and then seemed to stop in his tracks. The boots he usually wore usually wouldn’t cause any footsteps to be heard, but from afar, he could hear loud clunks. It seemed this place was rather spacious,

Hundreds of kilometers away from the fortress wall, a boy she was not exactly familiar with took a quiet breath.

“…If only the vision can also be synchronized—would be great if you can see what I’m seeing.”

There was no way to know what this place was meant for. A little further on was a patch of darkness, and a lapis blue shone in a blur within this place which size was unknown.

There was an empty hole in the ceiling connected to the ground, from which the thin white sunlight of summer shone into the basement. Perhaps it was formed by the rainwater that had gathered, for the clear water caused the vast, fluttering, swaying blue light to enter the darkness like underground water. The statue of the Saint that seemed to be used for decoration was smiling quietly in the lapis blue and white light.

Shin walked towards the edge of the swaying water like a Reaper without footsteps.

“…In Eastern religions, blue is the color of the land of the dead, and butterflies seem to symbolize the souls of the dead in all cultures.”

The source of that blue light was actually the blue butterfly wings formed by the wreckage of countless “Legion” generators that had sunk in the water. They had been shot down by cannons here in the past…and perhaps this was where they died.

Stop saying that, Lena said in a strong tone. Shin let out a little chuckle at this very annoying commander—who had deemed all the dead Eighty-Sixers as humans..

“Ah, actually, I also do not believe in his…but.”

Even though he knew there’s no heaven nor hell, he would piously narrow his eyes as he looked up at it, towards a certain place.

“It wouldn’t be bad if this was what greeted me at the end.”

In the midst of the floating lapis blue, a faint white light shone upon on the smiling marble statue of Saint, depicting a silvery white glow.

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