Taken from here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kFULutuDwcCo9Lr9wWKCZr7uXpSXI_A52-NmtMNpkDg/ translated by Haru, and I edited the text. (I did ask for permission, yes)


Starry Rain • Sparkling Lemonade


The Eighty sixers were the elite soldiers who survived the eighty-sixth sector’s battlefield of extinction. Even so, they were merely teenage boys and girls with the enthusiasm and curiosity to match, and were often reckless.

“What are you all up to, this…”

With her hair and clothes drenched, Lena couldn’t help but sigh. There was a lemon scent emitting from her surroundings, and the carbonic acid irritated her skin.

Supposedly, when a certain type of candy was added to a carbonated drink there would be effervescence released in an exaggerated manner.

So, after hearing this, Shin and the others immediately put it to the test.

They could have used a 500ml bottle, but a dozen people or so used two liters bottles for experiment.

The resulting jet of soda reached several meters high, beyond their expectations, and drenched everyone present at the scene, including Lena who was passing by.

Shin, one of the involved troublemakers, froze in his place with an expression that said ‘Oh shit!’, and his shoulders slumped dejectedly.

“…I’m sorry.”

“Ah, seriously…”

Lena’s annoyance vanished unwittingly once she saw his severely dispirited face,

The scent of lemon lingered strongly, and the popping of the carbonic acid continued to irritate her skin.

Yet, Lena couldn’t help but be reminded of countless stars glimmering in the Milky Way.

“Be a little careful next time, you know?”

Lena smiled wryly like an older sister as she looked at this naughty boy of the same age who was taller than her.


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