[86 Side Stories] A Cat is Here

“……Shinn. Erm, please help me out here.”


Shinn opened the office door, and looked towards the reluctant sounding Lena.

On a corner of the massive wooden desk was what appeared to be a spider the size of a palm.


“A Huntsman spider……huh?”

“The species does not matter right now!”


Lena was glaring directly at that spider, feeling terrorized as she retorted.

The spider noticed that it was noticed by a massive thing, and was (most likely) flustered as it remained on the corner of the table, before straightening its foreleg as it tried to intimidate.

Well, this carnivorous animal would typically hunt little mice, and not attack humans. At the very least, nobody in the Federation and Republic would actually eat spiders (typically).

This leeriness from both sides made the entire scene surrealistic.


“It just dropped from the ceiling.”

“The 3rd’s in the middle of live exercise. Wonder if it’s due to the shock from the artillery?”


The two thousand or so Processors of the 86th Mobile Assault Squad were grouped into four squads, with two groups at most undertaking each operation, one group at the training school undertaking their exercise. This allowed for ample fighting strength and morale gained from a suitable amount of rest. There was also a directive planned for the Eighty Sixers to return to society.

Currently, the 1st group, including Shinn was in charge of the operation with the second group. The fourth is the standby, while the third is the training group. While this conversation was going on, the bombardments of the 88mm tank cannons (blanks) kept echoing outside the window.


“I do not need any analysis. Just get it off.”


Lena looked so tense, she was on the verge of tears.

Ahh, so Shinn reached his hand out――.


A toy!? The black cat Tippy darted in from the bedroom next door. Shinn caught it, and lifted it up.


“Why is it that cats like to come in after noticing bugs next to people?”

“……!? Erm, Shinn, what are you doing……!?”


Without thinking, Lena asked.

Tippy seemed to be conveying its displeasure as its eyes widened fully, glaring at the spider with excitement. Shinn continued on while holding that Tippy without much effort.

He looked around the room, had a thought, and went towards the ajar bedroom that was being aired out.


“It’ll be troublesome to leave a cat around if there are spiders and other bugs. Sometimes it’ll eat them.”


“Wait, it eats……!?”

“Come to think of it, when a bug appears, you need to deal with the cat first.”


Saying that, Shinn brought it to the bedroom it came from, and closed the door (once Tippy landed on the bed, it immediately darted towards the door, but Shinn’s instincts immediately reacted, resulting in his victory). He quietly returned to the desk, and grabbed the hapless spider with one hand.


He turned his back on Lena as he picked it up, probably so that she could not see. Perhaps it was a habit for him?


Well, most of the 86th District was removed from human dominion for a long time――in other words, in this environment full of unpruned fauna and lack of pesticide, there were lots of bugs without existing predators. If she really reviled the bugs so much that she would stay away from there, she would have nowhere to go. In fact, Shiden herself did not care about those wriggly things.


The eight legs of the spider wriggled, panicking after it was lifted up. Meanwhile, Lena was all too unwilling to look at that spider..


“Do you mind if I throw it out of the window?”

“Please do so.……wait……………………Shinn?”


Lena said, realizing something.

At this point.

Right behind Lena was a window――and Shinn was standing there, with an impulse rising within him.


“If you put it on my hair, I will be really angry……!!”




She looked back, and found Shinn looking like a mischievous kid caught before he could enact his prank, awkwardly looking aside.


Really, he is unexpectedly mischievous, just like a child, so Lena thought. While she felt this immaturity unbefitting of him was not uncute to begin with, she definitely could not let him off the hook.


“Throw it away. Right now. This is an order, Captain.”



Looking disinterested, Shinn dumped the unfortunate spider into the decoration outside the window.

He then shut the window to prevent the spider from slipping in accidentally.

He then turned towards Lena, who had been watching from behind, chuckling.


“You’re the commander of the spider monster-like “Juggernaut”, but you really can’t handle spiders, huh?”

“Did I not mention it before? That has nothing to do with this……!”


Lena muttered, and Shinn chuckled once again.

He went towards the bedroom where Tippy was in.


Later, Tippy was searching for spiders all over the room, and found one outside the window. “Over there!” It called out to Shinn, seemingly begging.

However, it was refused by Lena.

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