“Look, Lena, I’m not telling you off here, just giving you advice.”

Though he said that, Shin was looking around strangely for some reason.

The headless Death God, who had survived seven years of fighting against the “Legion”, was witnessing a reality even he found unacceptable.

Slightly afar was Shiden, sitting like a delinquent, her elbows on her thighs, holding up her face, pondering.

Well, her feelings were understandable. The outspoken Shiden found it unbelievable.



“How did you end up falling over on a bicycle with training wheels?”


The Bloody Queen was all teary faced, probably either the fall was too painful, or that she was so pathetic.

“How would I know? I did not intend to fall over!”

“You could’ve slowed down and turned back then.”

Well, typically, when it gets too fast, brakes needs to be applied on the front wheels.

Shiden probably had experience falling from the bicycle during her childhood. For that matter, Shin probably did so too when he was at a similarly young age.

The result of that experience was a dramatic fall and a loud bawl, and Shin was fortunate that Shiden, who did not understand how it felt, did not ask him about it.

“If-if you say so, how about you ride on it instead, Shin!? This is a bicycle! It moves as fast as the wind, you know!?”

Lena pointed furiously at Frederica, who too was learning how to ride a cute, child-sized bicycle, shaking as she advanced.

Raiden accompanied her practice as he leisurely watched her back, while encouraging her (with lies) “Almost there. Keep going.”

“Really!? Am I holding up well?”

“Frederica, watch your back.”

“Oh…ohhh!? How about it!? I truly am moving well!”

“Got it. Look front. You’re going to crash.”

“Ohhhhh!! What is with this speed? Moving as fast as the wind!”

That side’s having fun, so Shiden thought. They were really enjoying themselves.


On this side, it was a disaster all around.

It was unknown if Shin actually had the same thoughts, but as he looked over at Frederica, he answered,

“I know how to ride one too.”

“You are lying! Anyway, you entered elementary school just before you went to the Concentration Camp, did you not, Shin!? When did you learn how to ride a bicycle!?”

Such words would have angered any other Eighty-Sixer, but Shin did not seem to mind.

“Before I entered elementary school.”


“No, that’s the case for me too. I rode on this before. It’s just a transport after all. I learned it because I wanted to catch up to my older brother or my friends.”

Shiden interrupted, and Shin nodded.

Annette, who had witnessed everything, interrupted.

“Speaking of which, Lena, I too know how to ride a bicycle.”

“Annette…!? Et tu…!?”

Lena’s attempt to ride a bicycle resulted in the mood resembling the end of the world.

“………Shin. What should I do…?”

Immediately after sniveling, she looked up at Shin intently, and the latter sighed.

“…Anyway, it’s a rest day today. Let’s just see how much you can progress.”

Keep going, so Annette thought. So you guys still aren’t dating? Shiden thought.



As a pampered Princess of ex-nobility, Lena had never seen an actual bicycle, let alone rode on one. It was no wonder she initially could not grasp the basics, and did not know how to cycle.

As a result of this full day special training, Her Highness was barely able to cycle at sunset.

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