The unique sweet aroma different from heated sugar belonged to that of dough kneaded with fresh cheese. Shaped with a mold, eyes and nose added, a fluffy, adorable–…


“I heard that such snacks are eaten during such festivals in the Federation.”

Lena stared at the piggy snack with a conflicted look, and next to her, Shin showed a wry smile,

They were in the city next to the military base, at the central plaza with a bell tower placed there. They were in plainclothes on this holiday, standing before a stall amongst the many that had filled the entire plaza and street.

It was the 10th anniversary and celebration of the Federacy. The other regiments would open their bases to the public and invite the people to celebrate. The Strike Package was recently established however, and most members were not local born Federacy citizens. The higher-ups had deemed that they had no involvement with the anniversary, and thus there was no regiment event to celebrate. All the members ended up coming over to the city to celebrate, just like them.

“Pigs have been a symbol of fertility since ancient times. I guess this is for good luck.”

“Yes yes, and you can try your luck out if you buy our little piggies!”

They were not wearing uniforms, so on first glance, one could not tell that they were superior and subordinate, but they did not resemble siblings in any case. The boss grinned as he looked at the duo, and guffawed as he quipped so.

Lena’s interest was piqued, and she tried to ask.

She was then reminded that the signboard of the stall not only included the name, but also had the following words written in a childish font,

“Let your heart race! Little piggie challenge!” or something like that.

“Want to try your luck?”

Yeah, the boss opened his arms like a courtier saluting a king or a noble. Inside a dust-proof glass case were piggy snacks of similar ilk on first glance, stacked to the brim.

“Draw your flavour.”

In other words, there were many flavors inside, and one had to eat to know which filling it was.

Lena found it very interesting, but she did not say so. Shin said,

“Two for us, please.”


The boss quickly wrapped the little piggy snacks with paper, and gave one to each person.

“You two don’t look familiar here. Are you from the base nearby?”


“I see. Thank you for your hard work till this point…this is for you. Do your best.”

The boss poured cranberry juice into plastic cups for them.

The duo thanked and left the stall.

The city folk might have been on the streets, for they were packed. Both of them went through the crowd, and in the blink of an eye, that little stall was nowhere to be seen. The city was in a joyous, celebratory atmosphere as the anniversary festival proceeded.

It was actually Lena’s first time walking while eating. She was worried that she would look undignified to Shin, who was walking beside her, and nibbled at the cute ear with her little mouth, ripping it off.

She chewed, and widened her eyes.

“—It is delicious.”

It was filled with pork meat, chopped mushrooms and onions. The sweetness of the onions and the fragrance of the mushrooms blended perfectly with the lard. She took a sip of the cranberry juice, and the sourness was just right that it cleared her mouth, leaving behind a fresh taste.

In contrast, Shin too took a bite of the piggy head, and frowned slightly.

“…It’s sweet.”

On first glance, she found that Shin’s snack was filled with honey-coated nuts.

The thick honey was sweeter than sugar, and might be a little too sweet for Shin, who disliked sweets. The cranberry juice should be sour, but he immediately downed it immediately after tilting his head back.

Lena could not help but giggle as she saw him look at the remaining snack with a conflicted look. This was a boy who could remain unfazed against the hordes of “Legion” on the battlefield.

In the face of this adorable little piggy that was the size of his palm, he looked so gaudy.

“Let us swap then.”

Eh? Before Shin could turn, Lena reached out and snatched it away, giving him her piggy. She took a mouthful of the piggy she snatched before he could say anything.

Lena’s unexpected action caused Shin to blink repeatedly.

While it was really of great help to him…

You sure you don’t mind? Shin swallowed these words back once he saw Lena goggle up the sweet filling piggy.

“It is really sweet.”


The little piggy was not the only sweet thing.

Since he did not manage to say so, his words were unable to reach Lena.

Shin gobbled up the minced meat snack in twice mouthfuls, and Lena’s eyes dazzled.

“Shin, it looks like the parade is about to start!…That is an elephant, is it…! Amazing…!”

“I guess…so. It’s probably your first time seeing a real elephant.”

Beyond the crowd was a large gray animal walking before a troupe of men and women in costumes, pulling flower petals from the basket on its back and scattering it everywhere it went.

“Let us get closer to have a look!”

“Sure…you’ll trip over if you go too fast, Lena.”

The ten year war made it possible for Lena to see an elephant for perhaps the first time. She was being all excited like a child as she ran forward, and Shin gave chase while showing a soft smile he rarely showed in the 86th district.

Naturally, the two of them held hands.

The petals scattered everywhere fluttered under the blue sky, descending upon the celebrating crowd.

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