“…Well, that’s what Eiju said, but what is it anyway? Are you the prophet (Cassandra), or the plague god”


Shin had a brief check of the “Juggernaut” at its repair spot, and merely glanced at Seiya disinterestedly when the latter suddenly asked. The two of them were the only ones at the frontline base hangar, after all the lights were switched off..


He was the vice commander prior to Shin, and though his age and physique was far different, Shin basically demoted him, and had displayed unparalleled combat ability against the “Legion”. Also to wit, Shin already piloted the “Juggernaut” far beyond its ordinary specs, so the wear and tear of his unit was near the top too..

After every battle, he would wreck the”Juggernaut”, and recently, the mechanics and repairs were insufficient. He could only pilot the spare units that were assigned to them, and manage to hang on.

Despite that, the intriguing matter was that he never suffered much serious damage. The pretty white face seemed strangely devoid of any blood flow as it turned towards Seiya.

Seiya was facing the crimson eyes that were rid of emotions, unbefitting a boy in his early teens..


“Who knows?”


“When that’s the case, I don’t know if I’m any different from Cassandra. Did I see a future I can’t avoid, or am I the source of the plague?”


Maybe he too felt the same.

Maybe Shin felt he himself was a god of plagues.

The faint purple eyes narrowed, and Seiya muttered like a beast.


“…Say, you.”

“I don’t want anyone to die, or I wouldn’t be talking toe the leader…and I don’t want to be called a monster possessed by a ghost.”



So Shin said, but one could not sense any disdain or hatred in his words.

Seiya could not determine how he should proceed, and kept mum. Shin glanced aside at the “Juggernaut” that only had its legs changed, and said,


“Chief mechanic, mind if I request for something?”


Seiya raised an eyebrow..

He was surprised and stunned.

Shin probably realized that he was hated, for he never spoke to Seiya except when maintenance work was involved.

A request?


“I’ll hear you out. What?”

“Please tell me to disable the safety functions of the “Juggernaut”. Everything from the drivers, controls, and anything that limits mobility.”


Seiya narrowed his eyes menacingly.


“Who did you hear that from.”

“Second lieutenant Karen, the one in charge of my “Juggernaut”.”

“…I’ll make sure to beat up that idiot tomorrow.”


It was fine of them to talk, but Seiya sighed once he thought of how the mechanic crew were blabbermouths.

And with that look, he continued.


“You know what safety functions mean, right? They aren’t like those in super robot anime or comics that can get more power just by removing it. There’s no such simple and convenient function in reality. We limit because there is a need to. The current settings are already a heavy burden on you brats.”


The “Juggernaut” mobility was not particularly high, and the recoil buffer were bad. Compared to the main hitters of the “Legion”, the Löwes, the Grauwolves, and the largest main produced units the Dinosaurias, they were so slow, and extremely noisy to boot…the recoil buffers might not kill the pilot, but the impact was still too great.


“Lots of people got wrecked by this thing, and I saw such cases myself. You survived for half a year, and you think you’re special?”



He flatly shook his head, and his face was so devoid of expression, one cloud not see the sense of baseless omnipotence those of their age would have.

Whether it was disdain or hatred.

He could only answer flatly.


“But I need to do this. The high frequency blades…I feel I can react faster if I use these close ranged weapons. It’ll be harder for me if I can’t jump.”

“Can’t you just use those closed ranged weapons, since it’s a waste of time to maintain them? Basically,”


These were what the suicidal volunteers used, but he did not mention this face.

They were powerful, but the range―or rather, the combat distance was so limited, these high frequency blades were a dangerous weapon. Shin knew that, but he said it. Seiya could not say that Shin was just an amateur however.

In fact, it was because they had Shin in battle that they were at an advantage.

He could cut into the ranks of the “Legion”, rattle the enemy, and divert their attention. It was because the close ranged combatant (Shin) could solo the Löwes, that the risk to the other comrades was lowered..

……At the very least.

Was it true that he did not want his comrades to die?




Shin suddenly lifted his head, but Seiya did not look back at those eyes.

As he had said, unshackling the mobility of the “Juggernaut” was an act of sacrificing the Processor’s safety. The burden on both the pilot and the unit would increase..

He would not be thanked for doing the wrong thing..


“I’ll get that idiot Karen to tell you everything, including how to maintain it. You’ll need some time to get used to it, so I’ll chip in. Also―personal mark”


The flustered looking bloody red eyes…finally showed an innocence befitting their age. Seiya sighed as he said..


“You should choose one, as Eiju said. Time to think of one while you’re in this squadron…well, ”


The Republic did not provide any colors other than a white tea colored plastic paint for their armor, but there were other resources found in the dumps..


“I’ll get you the color you like.”

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