The only ones that returned were Shin, the “Scavenger”, and the little aluminum fragments from the units of Eiju and the others.


“…You really a plague god.”

“I guess so”


Shin did not look at Seiya, who hissed at him.

Nobody else returned alive, yet he merely returned with some grazes and bumps. He took on the role of vanguard in this operation, where he would be most worn out. His good luck and exceptional combat ability really left Seiya disgusted.

Nobody else managed to return.

Only him.

It was as though he had taken everyone else’s luck, and lived on with everyone else’s life as a price.

So Seiya gritted his teeth.


“That guy survived for four years. Why now, out of a sudden…!?”


Saying that, he bit into his lips..

Yes, Eiju survived for four years.

That was why he was assigned to this area of intense fighting.

The Eighty-Sixes were fated to date. It was incredulous that they would not die in the face of the “Legion” astronomical numerical and technological superiority, in this intense combat area of relentless assaults.

That was why.

That was the case no matter where Shin was assigned.

It was definitely not because Shin was assigned here.

He knew that, rationally, but he just could not accept this emotionally. Eiju, and everyone in the squadron, died too suddenly in this battle. The Eighty-Sixes were fated to die, but not to the point where an entire squadron was to be wiped out.

And this time.

It was the entire squadron he belonged to. How?

How else should Shin be deemed as? Other than a plague god?

Or perhaps, a death god, one that would swing its scythe mercilessly at the surrounding enemies, or friends, without discriminating―….

Seiya tried to suppress the agitation within his heart with all his might, and Shin might not have known about it, for he calmly spoke up.

The bloody red eyes were devoid of emotions, calm and chilling.


“Chief mechanic, Captain Nunat told me to think of a personal mark or a personal codename.”


The pressure within Seiya seemed to have subsided, and he let out a long sigh. He had assumed Shin would say something else.


“Yeah…I remember that. He wanted to name one for you, right?”


Shin had survived under Eiju’s command under his first year, and the latter probably viewed him as a younger brother.

But Eiju was no longer around.

He was no longer alive.


“Yeah…so I thought of one.”


Shin said that, and handed over a little aluminium plate to the startled Seiya. The latter could see it was a part of the “Juggernaut” armor, one with a heavy faded personal mark he had never seen before.

It did not belong to any of the combatants affiliated to this base. Whose unit was this however, and why did Shin bring this to him?


“I can’t draw. Can you help me?”


So, he wanted to draw this?

Seiya instinctively received it, and stared at this personal mark, the design of the headless skeleton knight carrying a longsword.

The ‘Named’ who lived through the corpses of their comrades mostly chose malicious, heinous ones. Most of the personal marks derived from them were mostly ominous, or of morbid humor. The design of this skeleton knight was very suited.

It was basically――…….


“Just like a death god, or if not, an Undertaker. It’d be more appropriate if it’s holding a shovel. A sole survivor digging graves for his comrades sure feels like a monster undertaker.”


Yes, it was basically.

Shin being ironic about himself.


Shin was numb to what was said, and merely sneered.

The mechanic chief ten years older instinctively backtracked, for Shin’s sneer was so cold.


“――Ahh. This is good.”


All the members of the squadron died in yesterday’s battle.

And before that, and further before that, every single person from his first squadron till this point never could survive, other than himself.

Everyone else who fought alongside him died.

There were no exceptions.

They all died.

In that case, nothing else matter. Once he knew he was such a thing, he could instinctively react.

The god of plague.

In other words, the death god.

It was fine as long as he deemed himself such an existence.

It was more convenient to be a monster affafflicted by ghosts. It was a lot better to be shunned by many. He would drag along those who had died before him, and he should not falter for the sake of that mission.

He had to survive. He had to fight until the very end, even if he had to remain alone. In that case, he should not rely on anyone to begin with.

He should let others know he was such a thing.

The red eyes narrowed, and the lips showed a cold sneer, as though cracking apart.

Seiya appeared to have seen terror, and next to them, Fido shivered by the side, looking apprehensive.

Shin could not see how broken and terrible his expression was.自身は見られない.


“That will be my personal name―I see it really suits me well.”


It was the name of the death god that was most fitting, most respected, and most reviled.

He was closer to death than anyone else, yet he always survived. He continued to bury them, when no one else could.

He would continue to live alone, while bearing the comrades who all died till this point, the comrades who would die in the future, until all of them were buried.




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