The matching blue and white colors of the refreshing sportswear and T-shirt was coupled with shiny running shoes, untanned thighs, and spats that catches the eyes.

The mobile assault squad’s limited edition ’86’ bar towel was draped around her neck, while the word ‘Lena’ was written on the torso of the T-shirt.

“…Lena, what’s with that getup?”

They were at the headquarters of the 86th Mobile Assault Battalion, the gym of Luancamo Base. Shin was a little taken aback. He was dressed in the Federation’s combat fatigues, and had been training his physical fitness.

Lena was dressed in different clothing than usual, and looked energetic, as befitting of a girl. Excitedly, she said,

“These are gym clothes!”

“I can tell. The PT for us combatants much be too much for you though.”

There were various military clothing, like ceremonial dress, daily PT clothings, combat fatigues for training and actual combat, pilot uniform, and various others, but the Republic army had a ‘no human combatant’ directive, and thus had no such things. Thus, while Lena might be dressed in gym clothes, as the commander, her physicality and physique was completely different from the Processors. She might even end up wrecking her body.

“It is fine. I have designed another menu for myself.”

“So you say…but why are you thinking of training?”

Lena lacked the strength, but it did not affect her commanding.

At this moment, Lena showed a panicked look, her eyes wavering.

“Ehh…erm, that…”

She started looking bashful, her silvery white eyes twirling about…for they were faced with Shin’s mystified eyes. She finally made up her mind, and said,

“Actually…I have become fatter.”

Eh, where? So Shin thought.

The Eighty-Sixers had grown up on the battlefield, and even the girls were muscular.

For Shin, who was used to them, Lena’s physique was a little slender. He was always worried if she had eaten enough.

So Lena, not knowing what Shin was thinking, rubbed her delicate hands, saying,

“Ever since I arrived in the Federation, the food here is really good! The met, the bread, the vegetables are all real…”

Unlike the synthesized food generated from the Republic’s factories, the Federation had access to natural foods. Delivery to the military in particular was of utmost priority.

“Everyone enjoyed themselves with the food, so I accidentally eat too much.”

“The Eisbein and the sausage stew were excellent.”

“Y-yes, the meat taste was rich, the sourness of the sauerkraut and the mustard…no!”

Lena, who had been mesmerized with them, reeled back into despair. For some reasons, her eyes were teary.

“But Shin, girls want to be, well…slender or something, right!?”

“Well personally, I’m…‏”

Shin accidentally baited himself into saying so, and was quietly alarmed, so he kept quiet. That was close.

On a side note, Lena was still continuing with her bombshell of words, but neither noticed it.

“Thus, I am going to slim down using exercise! I am going to change myself this summer!”

Why summer?

The intensity of the battlefield had dulled much of his peacetime memories. In other words, for Shin, it was hard to recall what the customary summer activities were.

“Exercise is good…but don’t force yourself. It’ll be for nothing if you destroy your body.”

“I…guess. That makes sense. Thank you…”

“Just to note, lunch today is Schnitzel. Exercise too much, and you won’t get to eat it.”

“…Are you the devil, Shin!?”

Shin sat on the court, watched Lena puff her cheeks as she sprinted down the gym…better exercise in moderation in the beginning if you’re unused to it, so he thought.

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