Males were typically stronger than females.

Lena knew this. At this point, she was lying on the small bed along with Shin, being embraced tightly, unable to move, unable to resist.The exceptionally heavy arms were reached over the body, rounding to her back, bringing their skins together. They were extremely hot, and so was her face.

What was going on? It seemed she was on fire.

She was firmly embraced, unable to move her head. Entering her ears were the soft breahing above her head, along with the pounding heart. Annette, witnessing this through the door entrance, asked,

“…What are you doing, Lena?”

“Help me!”

“Enjoy yourselves.”

What are you saying?

“Or are you done already? Done the deed?”

“Not at all! This is…”


About 30 minutes ago.

Lena, walking down the corridor of the Liberté Egalité Fraternité base, met a stumbling Shin wandering around not in the office area, nor the processors quarters, but a place devoid of passers-by.

Due to the underground battle of the Charité Labyrinth, Shin finally succumbed to his fatigue, and slept for several days, only to wake up on this day. While he was finally recovered, it seemed he could not see well, his eyes narrowed into slits. His footsteps seemed wobbly, the scarf on his shirt falling off like a child.

Simply put, he was in a daze.


Once he heard his name mentioned, Shin noticed Lena before his eyes.


“What is the matter. Why are you here?”

“Hm…I woke up, had a shower, but strangely, after the shower, I wanted to sleep more…”

“…But the showertaps are broken.”

The Federation had temporarily set up base, and thus, it was rather shoddy compared to the others.

Leaving aside the state of the accommodations, Lena saw how Shin was on the verge of snoozing, and grimaced,

“Shin…you are lost now, no?”

At the very least, it was not the path leading Shin from the bunk to the showers.

And Shin, upon being questioned, narrowed his eyes again, observing where he was, and said,

“…Where, is this place?”

Well, to be expected.

“I’ll bring you to your room. Follow me.”

So Lena led Shin by the hand, like a child, and brought him to his room. She had him sleep on the bed, and he obediently followed suit. (It seemed initially however that he was sleeping as he walked, never looking back).

While she had no obligation to, she laid a blanket on him like a big sister.

“Now then, wake up when it is dinner…good night.”

Saying that, she turned to leave.

…But Lena, being all alone, forgot one thing. That day, due to the faulty showers, only warm water was provided. Thus, Shin’s body was all cold.

He, chilly and groggy, naturally sought warmth instinctively, and it was no wonder that he would grab the heat source before him, not letting go.

Suddenly, Lena was grabbed by the hand.

The moment she realized what happened, she was pinned down onto the bed.


Lena looked dumbfounded. Shin embraced Lena firmly as he kept sleeping.



So Annette, having heard everything, raised an eyebrow like an annoyed cat,

“So you can be replaced with a heat kettle?…What do we do now?”

“It is the responsibility of those who failed to repair faulty showers. First off, I shall reprimand…”

“…That will make things complicated. How about you try pulling yourself out, like the usual?”

“You say that, but if I exert, I will wake him up…”

As she was embraced firmly, unable to turn her head, Lena could not see Shin’s face, only his quiet breathing voice as he slept. She finally put him to bed, and could not bring herself to wake him up again.

“Eh…really? Hmm, do you not find it a pity?”


Then, without a further word, Frederica entered the room, and grumpily lifted the blanket covering the duo, Shin’s arms relaxed a little, probably because he was a little warmer, and Lena finally managed to break free from Shin’s clutches.

“Th-thank you…ehehe…”

Annette and Frederica saw that Lena’s face was as red as before, stumbling in fatigue, and they sighed in unison.

One would say Lena was lucky, for when Frederica questioned nonchalantly the following day, it seemed Shin had no recollection of the matter.

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