[86 Side Stories] Kadokawa Contest Winner 2018

TN Note: Written after Lena won this poll: https://promo.kadokawa.co.jp/ln-heroine/

There was a convenience store down the slope behind the high school, and the boy walking out from there frowned once he saw Lena.

Lena looked up at the face half a head taller than she was, and teasingly pointed with her index finger.

“Hm hm. You broke the school rules, Shinn.”


Shinn sighed, and at the same time, resigned himself to this fate. This scene had repeated countless times ever since he enrolled.

“Sorry to trouble you every time, student council president.”

“It is work after all…do not think that you can silence me with a bribe.”

Saying that, Lena opened her mouth in a childish manner.

“Just one mouthful.”

The shaved lemon ice was divided equally down the middle using two sticks.

At the parking lots of the convenience store was a no-parking sign by a large tree, and next to it was a bench. Lena’s legs were closed together as she beamed away, enjoying the faint blue, icy, sweet ice snack.

The sun was shining really brightly in the summer afternoon. In this residential area filled with much greenery however, it was cooling to remain under the shade, probably due to the breeze. The eyes had adapted to the greenery, staring at the dazzling, blooming midsummer scenery like a daydream.

Boys typically had higher body warmth, and Lena assumed that Shinn must be feeling hot. While she had yet to finish her dessert, Shinn had already opened the second pack. The arm showing from the sleeve looked somewhat sweaty.

Just to note, Lena never thought about why Shinn went to the convenience store alone to purchase two servings of lemon popsicles.

“Thank you for this. As thanks, what shall I deliver for our next club activity? Something handmade?”

“…Yeah. Something like a powder drink mix added to water.”

Shinn tersely noted, ngghhh, and Lena’s cheeks were puffed. She, a princess, never held a kitchen knife, nor entered a kitchen except during cooking lessons, and was really bad at it.

She was bad at it, and nobody looked forward to her cooking, but she was really miffed by this.

“I think that as the winner of the pageant contest, a handmade item from you will delight those guys at the club, Your Highness.”

The question was no longer whether the youths at the club would be excited.

Leaving that aside, Lena was completely flushed.

There was an annual beauty pageant contest during the school festival, and needless to say, the results last year were obvious. Thanks to her classmates’ scheming, Lena was voted first for cosplaying in a fiery military uniform.

“Ah, that is…”

“It was really a fight, but as to be expected, you won, Your Highness.”

“So I say, stop calling me ‘Your Highness’…!”


It was unknown who started it, but ever since the school festival, Lena was dubbed ‘Her Highness’.

The reason was probably the official looking military cap and the intimidating army uniform.

“I am really happy that many supported me, and…really happy to win it all, but, calling me ‘Your Highness’…!”

“Doesn’t it suit you very well, Your Highness?”

“So I say, stop calling me that! This is an order! I-I am ordering you as the Queen!”

Lena yelled, her face clearly red even under the tree shade.

Seeing that, Shinn chuckled.

“Sure, Your Highness…I can’t hear you.”


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