They got their base back, but Lena, as the tactical commander of the Strike Package, had lots of things to handle.

The incidents ended. The only ones left in the Command Room were Vika, Frederica, Marcel and some others. Lena was slumped in her chair. It was tiring, as expected of her role.

Suddenly, she remembered something, and stood upright immediately.

“Right, the uniform…!”

She was referring to the uniform top she had borrowed when using the Tsikada. The Federation’s steel-colored men’s shirt. The battle was over, and she had to hurry and return it.

Frederica however gave a mystified look.

“Eh? Was it not returned?”

Saying that, she pointed a finger elsewhere.

At the ajar door of the Command Room, one could see Shinn’s Panzer Jacke walking down the corridor outside as he prepared to change into his uniform.


Lena’s mind immediately went blank, and Vika nonchalantly went into the space between her and the entrance. It appeared she had not realized Shinn’s arrival, not from his footsteps at least, for the latter had a habit of not making a sound when he walked.

The Federation’s steel colored male shirt.

The uniform was a foot larger than hers in size, and also emphasized how skinny and diminutive she was. The owner of the uniform should be a tall, lanky boy.

For some reason, she had a sense of relief.

In other words.


Marcel, having realized what was going on, immediately closed the door.


The supposedly thick anti-blast doors probably were not closed that quickly, but it seemed so to her. The next moment, Lena’s shriek echoed throughout the Command Room.

As it was too embarrassing, the Bloody Regina was truly beetroot. Frederica quietly giggled.

“Finally realized, fool?”

“Huh? Frederica, that is your ploy, no!?”

“A ploy, you say? An unpleasant way of putting it. Locksnake and those fellows too know you are interested in him.”

“Eh, interested about what…”

“Oh, is it not? How strange. You seemed interested in Shinei’s uniform.”

“Enouuuuggghhhh! Nnnnoooo–!”

Vika looked on with astonishment and sympathy.

“Speaking of which, it is obvious by the rank the insignia. Have you not noticed its position?”

The uniform displayed an 8 horse insignia of the Mobile Forces and a Captain rank. Shinn was the only person in the Strike Package with this combination.

“Then…has everyone realized this?”

Vika nodded calmly, while Marcel discreetly averted his eyes.

“Errrmm. Probably…everyone in the Command Room has noticed it.”


Lena was about to start screaming, only to nearly pass out from the embarrassment.

“Frederica, you…!”

Upon seeing her being all teary, Frederica showed a malicious smirk.

This bit of revenge should be forgivable, at least.

“Look at that face of yours. Really, the wish I have to take a photo and show Shinei.”

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