Unable to bear with it anymore, she was left with no choice.

Lena slipped out of the back door to purchase the autumn limited milk chocolate bun from the convenience store behind the high school. She knew it was unsightly of her, but she took a large mouthful……only to hear rustling from the flowerbed behind her, freezing up. At the overly large garden of the high school, there was a kendo dojo by the side of the pretty Ginkgo tree.

Showing up was a black haired, impressionable bloody eyed boy, dressed in the blue kendo gear.

Behind the unpopular dojo was Lena, who was seated on the wooden bench covered with golden leaves, terrified of being spotted as she ate. The typically stoic red eyes too were dumbfounded.

Finding this amusing, he gave a mischievous grin.


“You broke the rules, student council president.”

“Shinn……!W-why are you here!?”


In any case, Shinn was holding a bamboo broom with one hand, sweeping. The dojo was right next to the impressive looking Gingko tree, and in Autumn, lots of leave would fall. If he did not sweep every day, the path would be covered in leaves.


This unexpected encounter should not have happened.

Before Shinn could say anything more, Lena ended up stammering as she was talking too fast. She, who typically ignored the school rules to buy food, was finally caught by Shinn. She was distraught.

“I shall bribe you with one mouthful, so please keep quiet about it!”



“……You say that, but didn’t you buy too much?”

“It is fine. It is not like you can finish it.”


Lena handed over the meat bun to a dumbfounded Shinn, who sat next to her on the bench, and explained herself honestly.

However, Lena herself never wonder why she bought food she could not finish.

While giving a mystified look, Shinn finished the meat bun in two mouthfuls or so, while Lena enjoyed the chocolate bun, thinking as she looked at him. He is a boy after all. He was half a head taller, his voice was different, and at this distance, she could feel much heat from him.

She found the hems of her blazer and pleated skirt a little messy, so she adjusted them discreetly.

Fortunately or not, Shinn did not notice the hems shaking.


“It’s rare to see you snacking at this time. Another student council meeting today?”

“Yes. Preparations for the school festival is in full swing. It will be late when I head home.”


While it was great that the festival remained big every year, there were many difficulties involved in the preparations and adjustments.

After some thought, Shinn said,


“Need me to send you back home? After school?”



The unexpected words left Lena a little confused, and she made a strange squeal. It would be late, and he would be sending her back. In other words.

They would be on the way home, just the two of them.

If it were a (female) classmate, it would be normal. Maybe it was because he did not realize what he said.

Despite that, Lena was blushing furiously, and Shinn did not notice.


“This area especially doesn’t have lots of people around at night. I don’t think it’s a good idea to let a girl return home alone.”

“But……will that not cause you problems?”

“Not really. I normally practice till late at night, and I won’t really stay for longer. Also, I can’t just be waiting.”

The redden face looked up, and Shinn shrugged calmly, looking a little gleeful.


“Our club hasn’t really prepared anything for the school festival. Since I took the bribe, I have to repay.”

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  1. I’d like to point the similarity between this SS and the Kadokawa Queen SS… the reason why the both of them bought too much food was that they subconciously wished to meet with each other and thare that food…

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