Night descended upon the battlefield, which was covered by the Passion flowers that were unbefitting of the season.

Once he realized his vision was dominated by blue, the madness of the battle faded, and Shin recovered.

He scanned the battlefield through the optical monitor of the “Juggernaut”, and nobody was moving there. There was merely the “Legion” wreckage that had rolled between the flowers, emitting black smoke. Some of the flames were already put out, anchored to the ground. It was an endless battlefield of wilderness, devoid of neither enemies nor humans, unmanaged by humans for a very, very long time.

For a moment, he wondered if he was the only one left, but he quickly abandoned that thought.

His comrades who accompanied him on the Special Scouting Mission were still alive. However, he had pulled away from them as he was immersed in the battle.

He directed his consciousness towards the Para-RAID, and it seemed Raiden sighed. With an impatient tone, the latter told him, get back here already, you idiot.

Got it, after a brief reply, Shin cut off the connection, and hopped off the “Juggernaut”.

The evening had faded, and gone was the clear blue from before. The golden sunset turned dark once again, to a cold night sky. It seemingly reflected a celestial body, the boundaries nary to be seen, and a turquoise shone from the sky into the earth.

Looking back, his “Juggernaut”, which had fought alongside them, was covered in scars all over, both armor and weapons, after the long march here. It blended well with the rotting bone-like armor, and looked like a headless, decaying white bone.

The high frequency blade was broken during the first battle of the Scouting mission, and after switching to the spare, it broke once again. The sharp severed blade reflected a slightly dull light.

How long had they carried out this mission? They had progressed through a long distance, and at this point, the land beneath them was no longer Republic’s.

Recalling the words that were said to him, he suddenly narrowed his eyes.


At this moment, that Handler, Lena.

The Republic’s capital, Liberté et Égalité, had few tall buildings due to restrictions, and the cold-toned blue spread in the vast night sky.

She ended work early. Lena was on her way home through the courtyard before the main gates of the Republic Army Headquarters, when she suddenly stopped in her tracks. She looked up towards this unique turquoise.

The sun had long set during this late autumn, and the night began. Winter was coming, the dim sky of this season of death.

Under the same sky,

 Are Shin and the others still fine? Or,

Where are they now? Where are they going?



I have made it here. When is Lena going to catch up?

Shin stared at the blue flower field that had turned dark beyond the setting sun.

He had entrusted his wish until that moment, after the war. Or perhaps, while the war was still going on.

The endless field of Passion flowers continued to bloom blue.

The vines that should have reached towards the sky lost their support and lay prone on the ground. They bore the Cross that symbolized sin.

They continued to advance through the “Legion” controlled wilderness that was devoid of people, continued fighting, and had no idea where they were. There were times when he could not tell if he was alive or not, and over the long days of advancing and battle, he thoroughly felt that something within him was being eroded.

Despite that.

—The flowers shall bloom again.

Behind him was the “Juggernaut” with his personal mark—the headless skeleton, resembling the rotting bones on the wilderness.

The bones of the warrior might have snapped, but they were still sharp as a sword, or a lance.

He hoped that one day, even after experiencing the trials and tribulations of the battlefield, her face would not lose its sharpness unwittingly.



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