“It was purring at the building the Löwe blew up, and our eyes met when I looked at it. Even through the sensors, our hearts were connected~.”

Daiya spoke of this cheap tragedy with a melodramatic, and caught in his fatigues was a black cat with white toes. The triangular ears and silver whiskers were twitching incessantly, purring with its distinct shrill voice.

“I guess its parents were crushed by the rubble or something. It’s so young. Can’t possibly live on alone.”

Shin, distracted from filling in the documents requesting for supplies, glanced aside at this crude hoorah, his usual icy red eyes showing utter disdain.

Even though there was no “Legion” activity surrounding them, Daiya opened the canopy before the battle ended, and Shin had been wondering what he was doing.

So Shin began to understand, while scouring around for any heavy, rigid movable objects near his desk.

“I’ll take care of you, little one. So…we can raise him, right, mama?”

Once he heard that, Shin took the hardest, heaviest dagger (cum knife) along with the sheath, and threw it over. Daiya expected that, and ducked by tilting his head aside…but the next roll of paper smacked him on the forehead, knocking him over.

The kitten hopped out from his arms, and Anju, having witnessed the whole situation, carried it and said, looking unmoved,

“Great retort to his folly, Shin.”

“Anju…at least show some concern for me…”

I do not know what that is. So Anju seemingly said as the kitten continued to purr within her hands.

“I need to have this little one washed up. Did you not say there is a wiping cloth, Shin? I shall be using that.”


So Anju left with kitten in hand, and Daiya, having recovered in various ways, stood up as though nothing had happened.

He noticed Shin reach for an old book with thick leather cover and metallic edges, before repeating himself while correcting his foolish look.

“Can we raise it?”

“It’s fine if we don’t.”

Shin replied nonchalantly, and Daiya put a hand on his head, shaking it melodramatically.

“Ah, no, not that! Put it back, Shin! That’s a slab of metal, right?”


“Look, I was about to cry when I saw that one, so I promised to take care of it until the very end with tears, man. I don’t have a choice now! Can I raise it? Pretty please.”

“No point saying that now. I said to put it back, so do it. Without piloting the “Juggernaut”.”

It would take hours to reach today’s battleground on foot. While there appeared to be drone mines and Ameise roaming around, that was none of Shin’s business.

Daiya sensed the seriousness in Shin’s tone, and remained silent with his arms wide open. Shin let out a deep sigh.

Goodness gracious.

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