Shinn sensed some weight leaning upon his hand. Looking down, he found that Krena, who was playing with the cat, had fallen asleep.

With his hand nimbly keeping his unfinished book open, Shinn went silent.

Krena had fallen asleep, sounding blissful. To put it somehow, it seemed she had not grown mentally, let alone physically.

Whatever, Shinn ignored the girl next to her, and continued reading. Surely she would wake up if she kept sleeping like this; if she did not, he could just call Angel over to deal with her.

So he thought, and his Para-RAID rang.

Lena, with her usual silver bell-like voice, said her usual greetings.

“…Good evening, Captain Nouzen”

Ah, this isn’t good.

So he instinctively thought, realized this thought was incomprehensible, and frowned.

…What’s not good?


The usual gang was not around, as they were out dealing with maintenance or other matters. Shinn was the only one in the room.

So Lena thought, but amidst the conversation, a breathing sound not belonging to Shinn could be heard. She tilted her head.

This quiet breathing…was probably, someone sleeping.

“…Is there someone?”

“Well…Krena’s sleeping .”

It seemed Shinn was unable to move as Krena was clinging onto him.

After a short moment of imagination, Lena chuckled.

“Lieutenant Cucumila does appear to be a cute little sister.”

“She’s latching onto me for some reason.”

Shinn spoke with a perturbed tone, as though he brought a kitten home on a rainy day, and it got clingy to him. Lena sensed the pained look on Shinn’s face, and laughed.

At the same time, she could sense a stinging pain in the bottom of her heart.


By the time she realized it, this displeasure escalated. Why was it?

Why did she feel so angsty?

Lena sensed that she was rattled, and Shinn, connected by the Para-RAID, would surely have


“What is it?”

Lena spoke with a spiteful voice, one even she was startled by.

“No…did you just, seem a little peeved?”

“Not at all.”

Again it happened.

“…You seem very unhappy.”

“I am not!”

Shinn went silent. Unlike what she was saying, Lena was grabbing the cushion next to her with enough force to strangle someone.

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