[86 Side Stories] Volume 1 Special Edition Bonus

“ĺ think this isn’t weird, it’s ridiculous…”

The Eighty-Sixers, not deemed as humans, certainly would not have good food, clothes and habitats. The combat fatigues issued by the higher ups were goods gathering dust in the warehouse for many years, almost tattered.

It was a certain skill every Processor had to learn. Naturally, it all depended on the Processor, but…

“Why are you guys so good at sewing?”

“Who knows?”

Raiden was leaning on the cafeteria table, his hands holding up his face. Shinn threaded through the camouflage fatigues with a torn sleeve as he retorted.

Next to him, Krena was swinging her legs like a little girl, waiting for the clothing to be mended. Looking at her, Raiden was a little conflicted.

Right, Shinn was not mending his own camouflage fatigues.

“It’s a gender reversal of roles here. You should be sewing your own clothes, Krena.”

“I’m just bad at sewing.”

Krena made it sound easy, but she was not bad at it. She was disastrously bad at it.

How ridiculous was it? For example, when she first reported to the squad, her skills were so bad that Shinn had enough, and snatched it to mend it for her. Naturally, Shinn did not do so out of gentlemanly goodwill, worried than the hard texture of the camouflage fatigues would hurt a woman’s hands. He was worried that too many threads would be bloodstained and wasted.

Ever since then, whenever Krena’s clothing was damaged, she would rely on Shinn to mend them, though not her undergarments. This probably ended up as her way of fawning around, or a wounded gazelle gambit to have a few more words with Shinn.

As a bystander, Raiden had the opinion that due to such reasons, Shinn thought of Krena as a little sister who needed much care, and not as a woman.

“…Major. As a female, what do you think?”

Raiden directed the topic to Lena, who probably realized that Shinn was busy sewing away.

For some reason however, Raiden received no answer, and raised an eyebrow.

“What is it?”

Raiden asked, and Lena, who remained silent the entire time, finally spoke up with scepticism,

“Erm……what is this ‘sewing’?”

At that moment, everyone went silent.

And so, all those present just had to sigh.

“I thought you’re a pampered princess the entire time, but not this much…”

“Woah…this is way too ridiculous…”

“No way. You’re just bad at sewing buttons on, right, Major?”

And then, a long silence followed.

“…Sewing…buttons? Erm, buttons are stuck on clothes to begin with, no…?”

It appeared she did not know that buttons could fall off.

Clearly it showed how outstanding her maidservants were.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what threading is?”


It seemed she knew not of sewing basics.

A dumbfounded Shinn sighed hard, and Lena in turn was left a little flustered.

“Heh heh—“Krena in turn was a little gleeful.

“Even I know how to do that, Major.”

“Eh! Is it embarrassing to be unable to do that? Really, Captain Nouzen!?”

Shinn did not answer, but Raiden sensed that he was thinking the same thing, a little troubled by this.

It was utterly ridiculous.

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