The bulletproof vests draped over the camouflages were really thick, but could only defend against the shrapnel of flying cannon, and were completely powerless in the face of the assault rifles that were all the more potent. The humans who were already weak clashed with spears and shields, but even in modern times, it was undoubtedly the spear that would win.

Furthermore, if the side wielding the spears was not human to begin with, that would make things all the more difficult.

“—Run! Run! Stop and you’ll die, brats!”

While the instruction continued to bellow and give chase, the young boys and girls ran towards the long abandoned city with desperate faces, hiding themselves within the eroded and aged concrete rubble.

They were all dressed in urban camouflage, the old standard uniform the Federacy had eschewed. These young boys and girls were cadets forced to wear the old standard issued uniforms due to a lack of budgeting. They were not equipped with the Federacy’s mainstay, the Armored Exoskeleton, and were instead taking the battlefield using old assault rifles, patrolling drills meant to bolster their courage. They would not be battling against the “Legion”, so—theoretically, they should be safe.

The battle tank exceeding ten tonnes let out a noise as soft as the sound of bones rubbing each other, pursuing the cadets as it practically glided through the shadows of the rubble.

The compound sensors beneath the unit aimed at the escaping backs, spun its twin machine guns, and fired away. The highly potent 7.62mm bullets could easily penetrate a bulletproof vest, and in the process, cause the bodies to tumble away, releasing the kinetic energy inside the fragile human bodies, and shoot them down.


While the bullets and the shrapnel flew by, Eugene hastily tumbled and crawled his way out of the range of the Ameise. He was so discombobulated, for he had to scurry around after the scatter shots, but he was in no mood to think any further.

“—Eugene, over here.”

It seemed the “Legion” had mobilized near the ruins. There were rumbling noises, deafening bellows of the general purpose machine guns, counterattacks of assault rifles, growls and shrieks, a maddening ensemble. However, that silent call cut through everything else and entered Eugene’s ear. While delirious, his eyes spotted a slender figure dressed in similar fatigues, waving towards him from within the shade of the rubble.

A fatigue wearing fatigues and helmet covered in sand had a physique. While he was unable to recognize his peers at all, he was somehow able to recognize this one person. Behind the goggles was a pair of clear, calm bloody red eyes.


“Hurry, the Ameise is here.”

He was urged by Shin to jump into the rubble, and the late grabbed his arm and pulled him over. A second later, the Ameise’s shots flew by.

The shots instantly raced down the street, and the position he was at just moments ago was devoured in gunfire. Eugene gasped, and felt his blood curdle.

In contrast, Shin seemed strangely calm in this situation, given that he was reloading an assault rifle after using up a magazine.

He looked up calm as naturally as one would during a rainstorm.

“Looks like there are times when they’re acting faster than expected. Is that the reason?”

The Ameise and the anti-personnel mines ‘rained from above’.

The Ameises spread their six legs, and the mines crawled on their four limbs like beasts. They abandoned the parachutes in the azure skies, caused the ground to rumble when landing, and the dust flew. The “Legion” then proceeded with its distinct, nearly silent mobility.”

“Well, firing ten tonnes of cannons dozens of kilometres away is pretty much a matter of artillery warfare half a century ago. It’s ridiculous, but not impossible. So they’re dropping from the missiles in the air…it’s a rather stupid plan if it’s launched by steam or some EMP catapult.”

Eugene had a feeling Shin was appalled by this, and had to retort.

“Say Shin! This isn’t the time to be calmly analysing this,r gith!?”

“It’s still good, more or less. At least, if they’re deployed in a way I expect, the Grauwolfs and the Löwes can’t be deployed. It’s possible to deal with this number of mines and Ameise.”

Shin said as he turned his bloody red eyes aside, aimed the barrel of his automatic rifle, and fired. The human silhouette creeping towards the rubble was shot in the chest and fell over. The moment it did, one could see a spherical object without eyes, mouth or nose. It was a landmine.

There was only one gunshot, The counterattacking cadets were all the same, just wasting their bullets and going full auto instead of going semi-auto in shots of one or three against the fragile mines. Shin’s method was correct, given that he was using a 7.62mm assault rifle with high recoil.

“…We can take them down if we all work together. It doesn’t seem like anyone knows how though, so the situation now is that we might have some dead.”

Shin noted nonchalantly, and Eugene stared at him, flabbergasted.

“…Shin, why.”


“Why are you…so used to it?”

It was impossible for human flesh and blood to fight against the “Legion” that was invincible on the battle field.

They were both cadets at officer school…just fresh meat in their first battle.

Shin stared blankly at Eugene as per usual, and shrugged,

“We’ll talk when we get back.”




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