Frederica was used to eating alone, and thus, it was the first time she was eating together with boys and girls of similar ages, though older.

Her foster father in name Ernst was often busy with work, and hardly returned home. The maidservant Teresa would be doing her duties during mealtime, and never ate at the same time. Such was before they ‘arrived at the residence’.

And thus.

“–Do eat as thou please!”

Though one could never remember that many dishes, the tastes experienced during childhood would last for eternity. Over the past week, Teresa gathered many recipes, practiced on them, and was able to make various dishes from the Republic of San Magnolia. The plates served on the tables were instantly cleared however, leaving Frederica flabbergasted.

She was only halfway done with hers, looking completely stunned as her fork and knife were raised in the air. Ernst and Teresa, having anticipated this, were silently grimacing away.

Shin, Raiden and Theo were in the midst of puberty, so it was expected they would eat lots. Anju and Kurena had stopped growing in height, but their developments as females were only just beginning. They, having lived on the arduous battlefield for long periods, had more muscle mass than others of their age, their BMR relatively higher, and the calories intake higher than usual.

This much food should be sufficient however.


Teresa tilted her head worriedly.

“Is this sufficient? I can make a few more dishes.”

“Ahh…no need, it’s enough. It’s great.”

The conversation between Teresa and Raiden had Frederica looking terrified.

“Wait, art thou not satisfied…? How much more…?”

Kurena licked away the sauce by her lips, snorting,

“You can’t grow if you don’t eat more, pipsqueak.”

Uu, so Frederica looked back at Kurena and Anju, and then down at her…chest.

Surely there was a stark difference.

They were big, and in contrast, hers was a little…………………………………………………..understated (to put it nicely).


Theo gruffly supported his head off the table with his elbow,

“What are you looking at anyway, you early bloomer?”

“What is with that!?”

“Frederica, don’t stand when you eat.”

Ernst’s attention was somehow diverted.

“What do thou mean, early bloomy!? As a nine year old, thy has become a fine lady…”

“In other words, just a brat.”

“Well…we do understand how you feel, but it is a little too early to be concerned by this…?”

“If you force yourself to eat when you can’t grow tall, you’ll just grow fat anyway.”

Shin flatly interrupted as per usual, and Frederica clenched her fists firmly, stomping hard on the floor.

“Su-such inopportune words before thy fine lady at this time…!”

“Who’s the fine lady here, early bloomer?”

“Such insolence!”

She gritted her teeth in anger, while the youths were teasing her like a kitten. Ernst continued to slice the distinct black bread of the Federation as he narrowed his eyes at this peaceful ruckus.

“…Looks like they’re getting along well.”

Probably, so came Teresa’s voice as she gave a rare smile.

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