“Raiden, I want to go shopping.”

The beret was placed properly on the black hair, and she was dressed in a black dress in lace, carrying a small kitty-styled little bag. Frederica made this request while dressed in such an adorable manner, and Raiden got up from the couch he was lying on. The companions surrounding him were lazing in the afternoon as well…a little too much. In any case, they had nothing to do.

It had been half a month since they had arrived in the Federacy’s capital, and they were very relaxed as they did not need to fight, but it felt wasteful to spend time like this.


“Yes. Shinei was granted the honor of being the squire days ago. It shall be granted to thou today.”

Upon hearing that uppity tone, Shin looked towards the book as usual and showed a wry smile. Raiden in turn sneered, somewhat bemused.

“Well, we’re bored anyway…what do you want to buy?”

Hmph, Frederica seemed elated.

“Shop for a brassiere with me!”

Huh!? Raiden’s jaw fell to the ground, and behind him, Ahem, Shin suddenly let out a weird cough. One would assume he was trying to hold in his laughter.

He then lowered his head and looked aside, seemingly reining it in.

Frederica proudly lifted her miniscule chest.

“It is recent that I noticed growth, and only a matter of time until I grow to a terrifying extent. Perhaps I shall become a symbol for the goddess of harvest next year.”


Unfortunately, if the thickness of the winter clothes was excluded, what had risen? She was basically the goddess of a barren land.

“No, you don’t need it yet…speaking of which”

For Raiden, who had survived the harshest of the Eighty-Sixth Battlefield, it would be too cruel to explain the truth, one he really wanted to abstain from.

“Look, there’s a limit to how much you don’t know. You should look for Anju or Kurena when it comes to that—”

“Oh my, are you looking for me?”

Anju, who had left her seat, so happened to return, and Raiden wanted to explain the situation to her.

Before he did, Shin spoke up,

“Anju, are you going shopping? I’ll carry your stuff.”

“Eh, that’ll be of great help, but why say this out of a sudden?”

“Don’t ask.”

And so Anju was nudged in the back to the corridor.

Kurena hesitated over whether she should go along, I’m coming along too, and before she could say so, Theo grabbed her hand and followed after them.

“Come along with me, Kurena. Look, the chance is disappearing! This is when you should say ‘I’m coming along too!’ That’s why he’s always treating you as a little sister.”

“N-nope! It’s not what you think!”

“Okay okay. Shin~ how about the four of us to catch a movie? What’s the title name anyway? The one I don’t really understand what’s going on.”

“That documentary that’s hard to understand? It’s a nice film, but it looks boring.”

“…Why do you want to watch when you know it’s boring…?”

Anju started to get suspicious, and retorted so as the quartet’s footsteps gradually faded.

Raiden, who was stunned by the situation, only recovered at this moment.

Before him was Frederica, whose eyes were glimmering with expectations or hopes for the future, undeterred from the urge to shop.

One could hear the key turn at the entrance, and once the door opened, there was a creaking sound.

“—Wait for me! Hey, Shin!”

Following that was the sound of the door being shut mercilessly.

Five minutes later.

Anju, who heard everything from Shin, ran back in a hurry, and Raiden averted a calamity.



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