In the end, only dozens, including himself, survived the onslaught.

The armor commander was wearing her shattered, twisted black-green glasses, trudging along the bridge. Every single force was having a similar situation.

She saw a familiar face at the end of the barracks, and went over.

“Armor, you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

The one spoken to stopped. Clearly, this old infantry soldier had been giving a gloomy look ever since the battle ended.

The young armor commander knelt down before him, raising her chin with a stoic look.

“If only they’re fine…so I want to say. Wished you could have destroyed that monster earlier.”

It happened just moments ago.



They were at an area cordoned off by Nordlicht Squadron, and Raiden stopped next to the massive Fido, or rather, he spotted the long, slim silhouette next to Fido.

A shade was formed by Fido, and the autumn sunlight had turned the container a different color. Shin simply fell asleep leaning onto it.

Goodness, this guy…Raiden had enough.

Once the operation ended, Shin notified everyone through the Para-RAID that the crisis was over, and while Raiden did not know the details, Shin managed to pull it off. Perhaps due to relief, the battle and mental fatigue caused by the days of battles caused him to fall asleep.

Even he too was tired. The sun was warm, and though they were in the base, he was sleeping soundly, and Raiden sighed at him.

…Raiden himself was tired after all, and it was fine weather. Everyone’s “Juggernaut” was damaged in battle, and they had nothing to do.

They should rest while they could.

“Fido, give me a corner to rest.”




The mechanic crew flew in from the backlines, doing their jobs on the “Juggernaut”. Observing from the sidelines was Grethe, passing a little silhouette.

Frederica was dragging her petite body around, carrying several military blankets.

“You’re carrying this much?”

“Ah, Grethe. I am fine…well.”

The thick blankets were truly heavy, overwhelming her little arms, but she was a little satisfied as her little arms shrugged in relief.

“Just a desire to help my siblings. I do not much if thou wish to help.”


The artillery and armor commanders were speechless by the sight before them.

It was rare to see such a sight in the shade formed by the carrier. Five teenagers were lying on each other asleep.

Despite the noise around them, they showed no signs of waking up, probably due to excessive fatigue. Someone might have noticed that, and clumsily laid blankets over them. On a closer look, one would find the mascot girl snuggling within the blanket covering the black haired boy in the middle.

These teenagers were still child soldiers.

Yet they bore the future of the Federation and humanity…

“I heard that they’re just brats…but I never thought they were.”

It seemed the monsters of the Republic were not as they seemed.

The armor commander shivered, lowered his head, hiding something.

“Damn it. We wouldn’t have known about this if they didn’t mention it…!”


It was truly ridiculous, and they knew it.

Naturally, the soundly sleeping teenagers wouldn’t react. The drone had its round optical sensors directed tham, “Pii”, warding off any stragglers like a large dog protecting the sleeping children of its master.

The artillery commander looked around, saying,

“Let’s go, armor. They’re the biggest contributors this time. Can’t be going around disturbing their sleep now, but next time…we need to tell them, their help is needed. We’ve been working hard for this, and we’ll continue to do so.”


The armor commander lowered his head, chuckling,

“Yeah. They’re all brats…as for that brat, let’s not call him that the next time.”

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