“…Seems like Grethe wants to build a second one.”

They finally returned to the hangar of the 177th Armored Division after a long time, and the shutters remained open, but it was unable to welcome its owner again.

Frederica noted so as she stared at this hollow darkness before her. Shin was silent.

In any case, that Lieutenant Colonel was not malicious in any case.

“I feel that another unit wouldn’t have helped…”

After all, the conditions for usage were too restrictive.

Or rather, one would hope she would realize it was not something to be used for land.

“We can’t tell if there’ll be a similar effect if we splurge the money on it. Furthermore, it doesn’t look like there are any facilities left to build it.”

“That name itself is already obscure. Some vampire crawling in its shadows…the name of a deceased. It really is ominous to name it as a weapon used on a battlefield filled with death.”


Speaking of which, the “Reginleif” too was the name of a Valkyrie that would harvest the souls of outstanding warriors for the forces of the war god.

There were also other names, like the “Vanargand” that was the name of the giant wolf that destroyed the world, or the “Úlfheeinn”, the exoskeleton that was named after a berserker. Shin could not help but be reminded of the naming conventions of these Federacy weapons that were meant to defend the country.

The “Juggernaut”—was the name of a deformed god that slaughtered its own believers. That was not much different from the Republic though.

“It seems like there are other naming suggestions during the test phase.”

After Grethe returned, she showed her plan back then to the chief mechanic.

It was said to be suggested by WHM, the military arms manufacturer, or rather, Wenzel Onde Heinrich Matthias, Grethe’s father…both father and daughter were a little out there.

“Oh? What is the name?”


And then.



“Nya, lia…”


“Nyar,la,tho…that is too difficult to read! What kind of broken name is that?”

“It’s hard to pronounce, so it’s not really suitable to name a military unit.”

In combat though, it would usually be called by its callsign.

“Anyway, thou never pronounced it correctly at all, right!?”

“I don’t know if that’s the correct pronunciation.”

Either way, it was a name that was very difficult to pronounce.

“It’s originally the name of some evil god in a weird novel. Nobody knows how to pronounce it, so it got rejected.”

“Does that not reveal the naming sense of the person…that person really cannot differentiate between formal and personal matters.”

Frederica was flabbergasted, while Shin merely shrugged.

The name that was difficult to pronounce and understand, and there was another reason why the evil name was rejected during the development phase,

“Another thing is that if we actually name it officially, there’s going to be someone who’s going to call it a mascot name for fun, like ‘Nyar Nyar’.”

“…!? Are thou not doing so!? Anyway, did thou know right from the beginning!?”

Of course.

It was then that Frederica noticed that Shin was restraining the urge to laugh. The latter could only look back at the red eyes similar to his that were blazing with anger, saying,

“Try saying it once again.”

“Nyarnyarlathotep! What!? Thou fool have a problem!?”

Frederica hollered as she gritted her teeth. Shin finally lost it and burst out laughing.

On a side note, the development plans and budgeting for the “Nachzehrer Mk II” were rejected in unison.

Besides the low return of investment resulting from the large spending, the main reasons for disapproval were because Mk II would require ‘a combination and transformation function’ and a ‘mega caliber cannon to be installed on the main body’.

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