The door to the research lab opened, and Arnett was stunned once she saw Lena.

“…What’s with that hair?”

“Ah…I have no idea…”

Lena said, tilting her head in confusion.

The hair strands grazed her cheeks, and the one bundle that had been dyed bloody red was tied in braids.

“Why is it like this after waking up?”


It happened not too long ago.

Lena, still unused to dealing with electronic files, was falling behind on her administrative duties, and was sleep deprived for days dealing with them. Shin knew about this, and assisted with work at the guest desk in her office. He sensed her standing up at the desk behind him, and looked over.

Despite Shin advising her to sleep, Her Highness the tactical commander kept working as she felt apologetic. Thus, her eyelids would close at any given moment, her proud back slouching over, and most importantly, her legs were starting to wobble.

She was no longer groggy, she was lifeless like a zombie in a horror flick.

Sensing that she might be on the verge of breaking her limits and falling over, Shin tried talking to her.


“Shin…mind lending your back…?”


Shin was stunned, and felt the lighter weight on the back of his uniform. He looked over while still paralyzed, and Lena, placed her little head on his shoulder, falling asleep.

The colder body warmth and feeble sleeping breath reached him, along with the faint hoary perfume on Lena. He found himself in a tight spot. What is this…

…Eh, whatever.

Shin was used to remaining still due to his infiltration activities, and gave up on thinking within a second, content with this situation.

But he could at least pull a prank on her.

In any case, his work was almost done. There was nothing more he could do.

While the bloody red eyes were drifting into air, a tinge of silver appeared before his eyes.


Frederica opened a gap at the heavy commander’s office doors after much effort, and peered inside.

And thus, she was stupefied.

“Shinei…what exactly art thou doing…?”

“Being really bored.”

“No…well…thus is obvious, but…”

Lena’s face was leaning on Shin’s back, and the latter could not move around easily with her sleeping on him. Well, that was nothing at the least.

Frederica however was referring to Shin tying the silver hair strands in braids, once, twice, thrice, until the three bunches were tied in braids.

As a short-haired male, he did not know how to tie braids well. With his unskilled hands, he slowly braided the fine silver hair together, letting it loose thereafter, and making new braids.

He enjoyed the feeling of combing her hair, so much so that he never let go.

……It was said that combing hair was a deeper affection of love than sharing the same bed.

“……Thou seem to be enjoying this.”


He unwittingly admitted this.

Looking utterly frustrated with him, Frederica sighed.

“…Since thou cannot move, thy shall look for Anju or else. Do wait.”



Lena herself never remembered what happened before and after she slept.

She tilted her head, and Arnett frowned. For the time being,

“Why don’t you untie it?”

In any case, the braids were utterly terrible.

Simply put, they were not actually braids, just crudely bundled together. It was obvious that someone forgot the order to tie it, for several parts were messy…surely that person was not familiar with doing this.

The extremely messy braids appeared to be done by a child.

“You say so, but…”

Lena lifted the braided hair.

While perturbed by how it was tied by a child who did not really know how to do so, she could sense the dotingness from it.

“…For some reason, I cannot let this go.”

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