Aquila, including Shin, were generally speaking alcoholic heroes.

According to Ernst, they are warrior class from the ancient times, and were resistance to all kinds of drugs, and not just alcohol. In short, Shin was no exception. He hardly got drunk even when drinking. His fellow Aquila Raiden too was no exception. Anju and Theo were somewhat capable of holding their liquor, though not as much as the former, and Kurena, who had the least alcohol tolerance, was capable of drinking enough to handle social occasions.


Never in his life till this point did Shin think there was someone with such weak alcohol tolerance, a mere sip would leave her delirious.

The righteous scolding came from a very close distance, up close and personal in fact

“Captain Nouzen! Are you listening!?”

He was not. Or rather, he was in no mood to listen.

Shin looked back at alluringly flushed face of Lena that was 30% drunk, looking back at him from a ridiculously close distance. He could not help but be terrified.

They were of similar ages, but Shin and Lena were in their late teens, and had a height difference of about 15cm. The eye levels would never be the same when conversing normally.

Again to emphasis, if they were chatting normally.

Simply put, Shin was stationed at a base, and he was pushed down onto the bed in the room of four.

His wrists were grabbed, and her knees were by his flanks, rendering him unable to move.

Raiden peeked in from the entrance, and asked with a look of bewilderment and bemusement,

“…What are you doing?”

“Save me.”


What do you mean by that?

“I mean, it’s not that bad. Continue to make out with her all you want.”

“They’re big. They’re too much for me.”

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

“…Shin. I guess your words and your thoughts are completely reversed. You’re saying what you’re really thinking. Looks like you’re definitely shaken and don’t know why.”

“You should have known something’s wrong when you heard him actually call for help.

Theo, peeking in from the entrance as well, noted so, and Raiden sighed with disdain before saying,

“…So what the hell happened to cause such an interesting scene?”

“It’s not interesting at all…didn’t I give you some wine from the Far East after dinner?”

“I brought it to Kaie and the others, but I might have brought a little too much…”

This base, which was used as a camp for a few days, was not far from the first battlezone of the old 86th district of the Republic. Just a little prior to this scenario, Shin felt that since it was a rare chance, he wanted to bring along the wine from the Far East where Kaie’s ancestors were from, and visited the grave there where his comrades laid..

Most of the wine was given to the Processors, but the remaining wine that was left as an offering caught Lena’s interest. When they returned to the base, the men were so drunk and causing a ruckus. Shin felt it would not be good to bring Lena over there, so he had her come to his room.

This was where the mistake was made.

After hearing the situation, Raiden looked bewildered, and snorted..

“What’s so hard about it? Can’t you just push her away?”

“If it’s not for where this room is, in this state…!”

Although Shin was completely pinned down by her full weight, Lena was rather light, and Shin could at least nudge her off given the massive arm strength honed on the battlefield he grew up in.

However, this military base was close to the frontlines, and so the room and beds were cramped to the bare minimum possible for living needs. To be blunt, it was really cramped.

If he pushed Lena away, she would fall off the bed.

He could grab her if his hands were free, but unfortunately, his hands were held down by her delicate hands, and if he tried to shake them off, she would again lose her balance and fall off the bed. After all, her eyes and small silver head were shifting around unsteadily at the moment, and a rash move could injure her. It was hard for Shin to make a move in this situation.

“Ahh—well? Right, she’s really to give herself to you for an embrace. It’ll be embarrassing for the guy to refuse.”

“How does she look like she’s giving herself to me? It’s obviously unexpected!”

“In this case, it looks like Shin took her into the room, got her drunk and went berserk…”


Raiden ignored the speechless Shin and said to Shiden, who was in the hallway.

“Shiden, this situation is so funny. Let them be for another half an hour before you retrieve Lena.

“…Eh, I don’t mind…but can he handle half an hour, in more ways than one?” ”

“Lena’s the one who can’t last 30 minutes, right? Should be fine…ah.”

The moment he said so, Lena just ran out of energy and plopped over.

Naturally, Shin was pinned down.


Shin seemed to let out something resembling a scream, but Raiden ignored him.

In any case, he closed the door.

Shiden probably had enough of it, and immediately went to save Shin.


And, perhaps fortunately, Raiden confirmed the next day that Lena had no recollection of the incident.

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