Even though it was a co-ed facility, Lena knocked on the door before entering. She opened the door, she only saw Shin asleep on a bench inside.

Looking at the unexpected light in front of her, Lena blinked. They were inside first hangar changing room of Rüstkammer base, headquarters of the 86th Strike Package. Shin had fallen asleep while leaning gently against the wall, his arms folded.

Lena was slightly surprised and then smiled.

They had carried out night exercises in the training field in the back, and Shin reported the results of the drill operations before disappearing. Lena wondered where he had gone.

During the previous night’s exercise, Shin, a senior member of the package, acted as the “Aggressor”. He had survived longer than every single Processor, but it seemed even he was not immune to fatigue.

They had exchanged words for half a year or so two years ago, but it was the first time she saw him sleep. Whenever Lena and Shin were linked through Para-RAID, they could not synchronize if one side was unconscious, they could not be attuned. So when Shin was sleeping, it was natural that they could not communicate with each other.

Attracted by the novelty, Lena approached. She tried not to disturb the resting Shin by ensuring that her heels did not click.

She walked up to him and slightly moved over to take a closer look at his sleeping face.

Perhaps it was because of his reticent personality, but there were times when Shin would show a calm and seemingly indifferent expression. When he was asleep, that indifference disappeared completely, and unexpectedly, he would look a little childish. Perhaps it was the sight befitting of someone his age…but it could also be because he was always on edge, unlike Lena, who too was in her teenage years but was still sufficiently young looking to be called a child.

Lena wondered if she should wake him up, and tell him to go back to his room to rest—and it was a rest day too—given how soundly he slept though, she could not bring herself to wake him up. Driven by this urge, she continued to stare at his sleeping face for quite a while..

It was like observing a sleeping beast that was not good with people.

If Shin were to wake up, Lena would be too embarrassed to remain up close. It was the first time she sized him up.

The white and handsome face was said to be the characteristic of the old imperial nobility. If it was not for the fact that he was wearing the Panzerjacke during the exercise, nobody would have assumed he was a soldier.

Ah, the eyelashes are unexpectedly a bit long.

So Lena thought, and she unconsciously reached out her hand to the single eyelid that was calmly curled up, the eyelash of a different color from hers, the forehead that had a light-colored scar left over the left eye, and the cheek line that showed the transition from a fragile youth to a strong, trained man.

If she touch it.

What would it feel like …? Suddenly, the door of the bathroom located at the opposite side of the room was opened violently.

“Ah!!  Feels good after a bath!…ah…”

Shiden’s red hair was still dripping, and her voluptuous body was exposed without underwear. She was in high spirits as she exited with only a shirt and combat pants on.

“Oh, Your Majesty, you’re going to play a prank?  Shall I go out for a while?”

The flushed Lena, backed up to the entrance of the dressing room almost instantly.

“No, this is not it! I did not, pinch his nose, or anything, Nothing of that sort at all!”

“…Eh, I didn’t think you’ll do a childish prank either, that’s all.”

“Ah, ah, yes, the weather is fine today! I shall top up the watering device. Time to comb the cat too since I am halfway done! Excuse me!”

With that, the red-faced Bloody Reina escaped the changing room with this spiel of illogical words. She probably stumbled three times in an exaggerated manner while panicking, and her high heels could be heard moving quickly down the corridor.

Shiden, who was watching, also turned her eyes back inside the dressing room.

“Now then, you woke up a long time ago, little handsome.”

Shin opened his blood-red eyes without a word as he was gazed at by eyes of a different color.

“When did you wake up?”

“I can’t help but wake up when someone’s shouting at my ear.

Shin was unsure of what was going on, but he decided to continue to pretend to sleep because he thought it would be more troublesome if he opened his eyes.

Shiden, on the other hand, snorted.

“Iーーーーーーーー see!”

Shin looked annoyed.


“No. But if I were the one approaching, you’d be awake already.”


Shin narrowed his eyes in disdain, for he probably sensed the implications of the banter, and Shiden laughed callously.

“Well, I’m the one who’s better at hiding my presence. Her Majesty can’t do that at all…I guess the little Reaper of the Eastern Front is really defenseless against her.”

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