They had retaken their base, and the surrounding area was as snowy as ever, or to be recise, very cold.

Lena, who appeared in such a place, was dressed in thin uniform shirt and a Federacy coat, practically barefoot in her leather shoes, and had absolutely no defences against the cold.

“Achoo!” The abrupt sound descended upon the silent snow, and regaining their senses were Lena, who was clinging to Shin, and Shin, who was being clung on..


“It’s okay…rather, since it’s cold, why don’t we go back?”


The blushing Lena pulled her distance slightly from Shin, and was about to return, only to nearly fall over in the snow.

Shin was slightly taken off guard, and pulled Lena’s wrist, barely holding her up.

Lena again grabbed onto Shin, and the two of them maintained this awkward position, barely maintaining their balance.

Still in this position, Shin asked.

“You didn’t twist your foot, did you?”

“It is fine…erm, I can stand upright…ah!”

While that did not seem to be the case, Lena again nearly fell over, and Shin held her up once again.

After all, she was wearing high heeled leather shoes that were inappropriate for the snow, her body was frozen by the cold, her movements were sluggish, the accumulated fatigue after the assault had set in, along with the relief after the battle ended.

Lena’s knees were clearly wobbly—and she was unable to walk well, so Shin made up his mind.

“…Lena. I’ll listen to any complaints you may have afterwards.”


Lena was suddenly picked up, and let out a shriek. The coat on her was lifted at the back and the knees.

In other words, she was in a princess carry.

Shin then walked quickly, much faster than Lena’s usual pace, a distinct combatant’s pace.

“If you are worried, hold onto me.”

“Shin, erm…”

“I did say I’ll hear your complaints afterwards…you’ll bite your tongue if you talk now.”


It was difficult for Shin to not make a sound while walking on the snow path, especially since he was carrying someone.

Thok thok thok, the heavy footsteps were so unfamiliar to the girl called Lena, and she could vaguely hear a heartbeat through the sturdy skeletal structure and physique, along with the thick combat fatigues.

This silence was a little despicable, Lena thought.

Surely her heartbeat too was fast because of Shin.

“…Not heavy?”

“Not really. You’re a little heavier than a cat, though.”

Well, that certainly was the case.

The blood red eyes did not see Lena’s puffed up cheeks.

…In any case, Lena did not notice the fact that Shin could not look at her directly in this state.

However, Lena looked forward to hide her own embarrassment. The only thing her silvery white eyes saw was Fido, who was waiting for them on the other side.

If only this could be a little longer, such was the little notion she had.

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