The Kingdom of Roa Gracia was a country in the North, said to be loved by the Snow Goddess.

The winter was long, half a year or so, and the snowfall was massive compared to the neighboring southern countries, the Republic of San Magnolia and the old territory of the Giad Federacy.

And so,


“Amazing…it is all white no matter where I look…!”

“Thy suppose that would be thy line, no…never expected such an open place next to us so abnormally quiet.”


Lena’s eyes glittered like a child’s as she looked around at the snow field, while the actual child Frederica sideeyed her dumbfoundedly.

She dressed in a coat and hat over her usual uniform, did not notice this look as she ran around the vast snow field, looking around.


In any case, she certainly had the vibe of a puppy, or a kitten, who had seen snow for the first time.


“What? Had thou not played with snow in the Republic?”

“Liberté et Égalité does not have much snow…I do remember that my father and uncle once built a snowman for me.”

“…No wonder.”


It seemed Lena was more inexperienced than Frederica had assumed.

Frederica recalled the time when she played hide and seek with her escorts totalling ten and more while at Rozenfort, and the snowball fights with Shin and the others at Ernst’s residence in Sankt Jeder.

On a side note, the Federacy’s capital Sankt Jeder was a hundred kilometers or so away from the Republic’s capital Liberté et Égalité, and had lots of snowfall every year.

Humph, so she folded her arms and snorted.


They were at the frontlines of the Kingdom, Levich base. The “Legion” showed no activity on this day, and Lerche did once mention that they could hae fun near the base.

Despite being the commander, it was to be expected that Lena wanted to relax a little during her free time.


“In that case, perhaps a snowman?”

“Certainly! Let us do it!”



“…Erm, how are you going about with it? Maybe something resembling that mysterious colored alien  in that movie we saw?”

“No can do…!”


Lena gave a brooding frown, and Frederica tilted her head as she pondered, so Theo suggested that they build the snowman based on the being they saw in that horror movie. They rolled and expanded the snowball without much thought, and there was an expression created by their clumsy handiwork.


Lena and Frederica put a decoration resembling a tie, or a collar, or a scarf, and nobody knew what in the world they were doing thereafter.

These two clumsy queens could only make something without any idea of how it would look, and ended up creating something completely different.

Theo sighed as he saw how Lena finally got a chance to play in the snow, and yet give a childish devastated look.

She had put on a muffler as she was a little fearful of the cold, and her warm exhale quickly cooled.


“Anyway, I’ll draw something. Just a wait a sec.”



A snowman required the following, snow, shovel, bucket, twigs, black round stones, some rotten carrot from the cooks at the base’s kitchen, and a blueprint.


“…Do we need a blueprint just to build a snowman? We just need to build a normal one.”

“Can you say that after seeing what those two just made, Raiden?”


Theo was holding a tablet in one hand, and Raiden chimed in as he peered from behind. Lena and Frederica did as Theo instructed, looking for clean snow and piling them in snowballs.

And Raiden went silent upon hearing that retort.


“Ah…well, they look like some skull collection…”

“If that’s what they’re intending to do, that’d be amazing.”

“Well, they’re using a stuffed doll as a reference, just a few different parts.”


After all, they did once witness a stuffed animal with a stitched eye in Frederica’s room.

Done, Lena put the large pile of snowballs onto the original snowball, and looked around.

Thanks to Theo’s instructions, the clumsy girl finally managed to convert snow into a ball, and she herself enjoyed this process.

It was a pity, she suddenly remembered a certain person who was not present.

Unlike her usual state as a commander, she was pouting like a child instead.


“Theo, this should be fine, no!?”

“Ah, yeah, Frederica, yours is about done too…give her a hand, Raiden. I fear that I’d be slaughtered if I do this alone.”



Shall we call in that idiot? Theo shook his head to purge that notion. They would leave the rest for later.

Theo hoped he would not be angry.



“Almost done, I suppose? Yes, does it not resemble Shin-kun?”

Anju handed over a pale blue muffler.


“Also, some gloves.”


Kurena said as she stabbed some twigs on the snowman, slipped gloves on, and the snowman’s hands were done.

To ensure that the snowman looked decent, the snowman had a face and a collar.

Lena, Frederica and Kurena yapped away as they made this snowman resembling Shin, and Anju watched by the side, marveling so, while Theo looked at the blueprint.


“What’s with that muffler? It looks the same.”

“It was white, but magic happened, Kurena-chan.”



The actual scarf was in Shin’s room, and surprising Kurena was able to draw it as per her memory, a little too well in fact.

So Anju tilted her head slightly.

The pebbles eyes, the twig eyebrows and mouth, the carrot nose, the bucket hat, a muffler, the intricate snowman was made.


“Maybe we should call Shin-kun over. Anyway, what is he doing?”


Kurena adjusted the gloves, and said,


“He got summoned by the prince for some reason. Shouldn’t be anything big though.”





Shin was at the meeting room in the observatory block with Vika, discussing matters. Vika then looked outside the window for the strange reason of wanting a change of moods, and smiled. Most of the base was underground, but even then, he hoped for a meeting room where he could witness the outside scenery.


“What is it?”


So Vika answered while smiling,


Shin stood from his seat, only to be waved off with one hand like a dog being shooed.


“Ah, you do not have to see it now. It is never too late to see the completed thing.”


“Lerche, you have a recording camera, right? Bring it over.”



Lerche too giggled for some reason after looking out of the window, and left.

Shin saw her leave, and asked her master.



“It’s pointless to explain, but you really are a blockhead……ah yes,”


Vika pulled down the curtains to conceal the outside scenery, shrugged, and went to the door, indicating so.


“They should be about done. This shall be all for today. Have a look outside.”


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