They got their base back, but Shin, as the battalion commander of the Strike Package, had lots of things to handle. For example, he had to contact and affirm the status of the containment forces, clear up the enemies in the base, and report to his superiors.

Once these were done, he returned to his room to change, and was completely worn out.

As they were surrounded by thick granite, the heat rising from underground had engulfed the sealed interior of the base, warm unlike the snowy day outside. Perhaps due to this, the sudden fatigue left him a little groggy. The surrounding “Legion” were nowhere close to being a threat within a short period of time. He was sure of this after a period of time.

He could no longer hear the cries of the “Legion”, or the “Lerche”.


He removed the heavy Panzer jacket, and reached out for the remaining Federation steel-colored uniform Frederica had folded and brought to him.

The air in the room flowed slowly, and a nauseating, bloody, foul stench entered his nostrils.

The casualties suffered over the three days of fighting was intense, the dead still left within the base, the Strike Package still moving the corpses. In the meantime, once the containment forces returned, their dead would be joining in. The base’s ventilation systems were yet to be repaired to the bare minimum, and the corpses’ stench would not leave for the time being.

Despite that, he had no other thoughts.

He got used to the smell quickly, not just at this moment, but for before. The bloody stench of the wounded and the rotting stench of the corpses no longer existed, and all that lingered was the faint scent of blood and organs.

He wore the dark shirt, buttoned it all the way to his collar, eschewing the tie as he slipped the jacket on. Even in this dark environment, he could see the distinct bloody red tie of the Federation.

He did not want anyone to see the scar on his neck, except when military regulations required him to show it. He would typically hide it with a tie and collar, even though he was bad at doing that. He did have difficulties breathing at times, even though he was not actually asphyxiating.

The scar was caused by his brother, and till this day, he did not want to recall that scene.

He shook his head, and put on his coat. The scar was a little higher than the collar of an ordinary suit, and thus he wanted to button it.

Suddenly, a rich scent of flowers washed away the foul stench.

It was the floral fragrance of an early blooming spring, signifying the passing of winter.

It was not a completely natural smell. One could sense it was made from synthesizing other fragrances.

It had a refreshingly sweet scent, the scent of perfume.

Eh, Shin widened his eyes.

The coat had the shoulder patch of the 86th Strike Package and the emblem of the armor corps. It also had the only captain rank insignia, which meant it was his uniform.

But despite that.

He never realized that his hushed words and blinking red eyes were showing panic, like magic going out of control.

“…This smell is…”

The violet perfume Lena uses…?

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