Taken from here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12rGRl577pewrWi36WCQPYLzUq7Ucq-YPWaaVAMC9ne0 translated by Haru, and I edited the text. (I did ask for permission, yes)


“—And when I had a close look, there were many green lights on the river surface, flashing …”

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, shut up aaaaaaaaaa……!”


Shin returned after pouring himself some coffee, and found Kaie crouching in the corner of the room, covering her ears; behind her was Theo, sitting on a chair with its backrest facing forward, muttering something with glee on his face; and beyond the Para-RAID synchronization, the handler girl seemed feel the same as  did.

It was a stormy night beyond the window, a very fitting sight for the situation at hand. They didn’t know how the night was in the distant first ward.

“That river was the site of a tragic battlefield a long, long time ago. Which means the vengeful ghosts of the ancient soldiers were woken up by our …”

“I told you to shut up! Theo, you idiot! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Shin was sure they were fireflies.

Kaie was tearing up and yelling, and their Handler dared not to make single sound, Shin wanted to tell the truth, but couldn’t.

It wasn’t because he thought the sight of the young girl huddled up and trembling like a timid rabbit was amusing—absolutely not.

“…It is quite unexpected, Handler One. I thought you wouldn’t have believed in such unscientific stories.”

It seemed the Handler girl lifted her head.

“Ye-Yes! This isn’t scientific, it’s a superstition! Ghosts don’t exist in this world, Laughing Fox!”

“Then can you prove scientifically that ghosts don’t exist? You can’t, right? That means…”

“Noooooooooo! I beg you, please stop——!”

It was impossible to something didn’t exist, but even so, it didn’t mean it truly ‘existed’.

So Shin thought, but he didn’t say so. Theo propped his chin with both his hands on the backrest, and shot an aside glance.

“Nice timing, Undertaker. Have you ever experienced ‘this kind’ of a supernatural event?”



Shin was quick to deny. Theo snorted at him, disappointed.

Then, Shin suddenly recalled something and turned back to look at the stairs he’d just climbed. It was a strange thing, but it might not have count.

“…Anyway is someone outside right now? I saw someone’s shadow knocking on the window at the stair landing.”

““Chotto a minute!””

When the others in the room shrieked, Shin frowned.

“…Why the sudden scream?”

“What do you mean ‘sudden’! It’s really weird, okay! I can’t laugh at this joke!”

“It’s raining like a waterfall out there! Who’d be stupid enough to go out? It’s impossible to stand outside the landing either. And besides, weren’t you the only one who went to the dining hall just now?!”

Then in other words—

“I see. So it wasn’t a living thing?”

““Don’t say anymore!””

After their screams, Shin immediately fell silent.

Theo and Kaie were rubbing the goosebumps off their arms.

“Ah, seriously, can you really say you haven’t had any supernatural experiences? If you ask me, you just don’t care!”

“It’s frightening! Undertaker’s story is the most frightening!”

On the other end of the connection, beyond the commotion of the Processors, one could sense that the Handler girl had suddenly toppled over as if some kind of limit had been broken.


Almost as if it could hear the noise coming from the second floor of the barracks, Fido, who was returning after recovering recyclable items, halted in its path.

An exquisite metal statue stood in Fido’s container. It was found inside the ruins of a building that collapsed during battle a few days ago. The beautiful statue was polished, goddess-like, and silvery-white, and because it had knocked into the windows of barracks a few times, it stood at a slight angle.

Fido’s optical sensor flickered momentarily, and it nonchalantly went towards the automated plant’s smelting furnace.

Like other recyclable items, the goddess statue was tossed into the smelter. Yep, after a day of hard work, the diligent «Scavenger» returned to its standby position.


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