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  1. I sent an entire word doc of things I felt was worth editing to omg2000dmg@live.com

    If I came off as rude and anal in the word doc it’s because I did the entire thing in a single shot over 20 hours and my brain was dying.

    Also because I am rude and anal.


    1. I haven’t used that email in 2 years haha

      I’ll check it out soon though, thanks!

      …Assuming RL work doesn’t kill me thrice again.

        1. >Anyway, saying could never means that the Republic has some special reasons that they can never achieve unmanned. Is this implied? Because of their racism? If so, it’s next level writing. If not, just a mistake.

          It’s pretty much implied, not that they couldn’t, but that they didn’t want to.

          When the edits were made, it was decided that we would go with ‘fifth, sixth’, rather than in numerical values.

          >ED: Like wtf, why does all the terms not appear on your website.


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