[86] V3

The girl glared at the beckoning enemy.
The boy questioned his raison d’etre.

Shinn and Lena—
They both stood upon their respective battlefields,
fighting, surviving,
not knowing if the other remained alive.

And so, the young girl picked up the gun.
Bidding farewell to the one she loved.

“At that moment, the steel dragon clearly saw its master, the Queen.”


Geade Federation “Nordlicht Squadron”
A boy tagged as an ‘Eighty Sixer’, a nonperson label given by the Republic of San Magnolia. Has the ability to hear the ‘voices’ of the “Legion”. Possesses outstanding piloting skills, and has survived countless battlefields thus far.
The last of the old Geade Empire that had developed the “Legion”. To defeat her Knight, her foster brother Kiriya, who was taken by the “Legion”, she pleaded for the assistance of Shinn and the others. Has the ‘ability’ to witness the past and present of a person.
An Eighty-Sixer boy who escaped to the Federation alongside Shinn. An old friend who helps the ‘gifted’, lonely Shinn.
An Eighty-Sixer girl with outstanding sniping skills. Has some feelings for Shinn, but the result is…?
An Eighty-Sixer boy who is cold and sarcastic, often seen mocking others. Fights with agility using wires.
An Eighty-Sixer girl with a gentle personality, but turns into a demon in battle. Specializes in suppressing areas with missiles.
A Colonel leading Shinn and the Nordlicht-affiliated ‘1028 Experimental Squad’. Developer of the multi-legged “Reginleif”.
Ex-leader of Nordlicht, really respects the much young Shinn. Leads a mercenary squad.

Geade Federation 8th Armor Corps
Fellow student of Shinn at the officer cadet school, and has been in touch with him even after enlistment. Took a fatal blow from a “Legion” attack, and Shinn personally ended his life.
Eugene’s friend who berated and insulted Shinn for being unable to save Eugene, but was stopped by his officer.
Geade Federation government
Acting president of the Geade Federation who adopted Shinn and the others after they had escaped the Republic of San Magnolia. Kind in personality, but a veteran at politics.
A distant relative to Shinn, once Frederica’s personal Knight. Lost his sanity due to the countless battles, harbors hatred against the Federation government that had threatened her, and was captured by the “Legion”.
Republic of San Magnolia.
Once the commander for Shinn and the others, she activated the automated weapons when Shinn and the others had departed for their special mission, was court-martialed and demoted from Major to Captain. Continues to lead the remaining forces in the face of the “Legion” onslaught.
Lena’s friend, Technical Captain, chief of research of the “Para-RAID”. The childhood friend of Shinn, who was expelled from the Eighty Five areas as an Eighty-Sixer.
One of the Eighty-Sixers. Assigned under Lena’s squadron after Shinn left. Has outstanding combat ability. Codenamed “Cyclops”.
A friend of Lena’s father. A Brigadier General. Realized the existing problems of the Republic, but ignored them. Lena was left in despair, and was determined to walk her own path.

“Geade Federation” Western Frontline Map

Green text

Legion Controlled Area

To the Northern frontlines of the Wald Alliance Army


Old Country boundaries

Old Inter-Country fast rail tracks (Obsolete after the war began)]


Geade Federation Western Frontline(at end of Ep.2)

8th Armored Corps (the forces that Shinn and the others belong to in the Geade Federation)

Place where the “Spearhead Squadron” was rescued (Ep.2)

Special Scouting Mission Route for the “Spearhead Squadron”.

First Battle Area to the East, “Spearhead Squadron” Barracks(Setting for Ep.1)

Eastern frontline of the Republic of San Magnolia (Ep.1)

Southern frontline of the United Kingdom of Roa Graecia

The Geade Federation Western frontline has no seas, and comprises mainly of flatlands and forests. To the north of the old border is the “United Kingdom of Roa Graecia”, and to the South is the tropical “Wald Alliance”. Both countries have been defending against the “Legion” attacks through the hills and forests. The area between the Geade Federation frontline and the “Republic of San Magnolia” to the West is completely under “Legion” dominion. The “Eighty-Sixers” were expelled from the Republic, and made it through this area to the Federation.

Appearance of the “Mounted Accelerated Railgun Legion unit”

The situation on the Western frontline had been going well, but took a drastic turn for the worst when faced with a mass-scale onslaught of the “Legion” and the long distance strikes of the “Morpho” several hundred kilometres away. The enemy units encompassed nearly the entire area, and the deduction was made that it was moving along the old cross-country tracks. Without defeating this enemy, it was unlikely that Humanity could win.

Map design: Tatsuya Kurusu

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  1. Thanks for the hard work translating these light novels, I really enjoyed reading Hikaru and 86 and it’s sad to you go but hey that is life cheers

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