Amane returned home from school, sat on the sofa and ate some chocolate Pretz. Next to him, Mahiru began to fidget.

He was eating from the suspicious looking item Chitose had shoved onto him. However, he did not think much about it.


“What is it?”

“Eh, no, erm…it is rare seeing you eating chocolate sweets.”

“Well, I prefer salty snacks after all, but Chitose just shoved this onto me. You want some too, Mahiru?”


I can share some with you, Mahiru, so he implied, and it seemed Mahiru herself was wondering if she could help herself. What is it? Mahiru appeared to be aware of what it was, but she was just waiting.


He handed the opened bag to Mahiru, who made a little groan, pressing her forearms onto her forehead.


“…Do you know what this is about?”

“No, I know there’s something up because of you and Chitose, but I can’t really figure out anything. Sorry.”

“So you do not know what day it is today.”


“……Why do you think you received the sweets?”

“Isn’t there some event going on, or some message involved?”

“If you know that much, how have you not realized it…?”


Mahiru frowned with confusion, groaning as she put her hand on her forehand.

Hearing such words, Amane did not know what else to do, and decided to pat Mahiru’s head anyway.


“…You do not have to rub it in.”

“What do you want me to do then?”

“I-I do not want it…but…I expected just a little…”


“…You are eating that Pretz, so…I-I will not say what I want however…”


Mahiru shook in embarrassment, and Amane was left troubled as he took another Pretz.

He chewed at it, and Mahiru lifted her face.


Next to him the caramel-colored eyes were wandering around, and Mahiru finally made up her mind as she stared at him, grabbing Amane’s hand that was holding the Pretz.

In the blink of an eye, Mahiru seemed to snap as she brought her face close to him.


At that moment, by the time he realized it, the blushing Mahiru put her lips onto his.


“Nn.” A soft voice could be heard from Mahiru’s throat, her lips still sticking to his. It was rare to see her so aggressive, and while feeling ashamed, Amane gently brought his lips over hers.


After a short while, their lips left each other, and Mahiru’s eyes were looking bashful. She was feeling ashamed as she started this, and Amane grinned back.


“Th-this is what I am referring to. It is this day.”

“Yeah, I get that.”

“Pl-please do not laugh.”

“Laughing, or smiling?”

“The latter please.”


The distressed Mahiru could not hide her shame, and Amane chuckled as he gently caressed her hair.


“…Can I be honest?”


“…I just want to eat this normally. Don’t really like such games after all.”


Once he expressed his honest sentiments, “Yes” Mahiru lowered her eyebrows understandingly, and smiled.

It seemed she had misunderstood him; while Mahiru lowered her eyes forlornly, Amane wrapped his arm around her back, and brought his lips to her ear.


“…If you want a kiss, wait till we’re done eating this.”


Of course, one would expect a kiss to be sweet, especially when there was chocolate in the mouth. After all, Mahiru had the sweetness and bitterness of honey. There was no need to add chocolate to that.


Once he gently whispered, Mahiru’s face turned red like a boiler, and nodded away.


Satisfied with that reaction, Amane embraced Mahiru in his lap.

He doted on the panicking Mahiru, and began sharing the Pretz packet with her.

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  1. I don’t really like sweet thing but this is already sugary and now adding the kiss and the chocolate?
    whatever. now, I need more of this.

  2. Thank you for the chapter!!
    Aaah Amane and Mahiru when they’re already going out is too much for my sugar level. I hope we’ll get to see them like this in the LN soon!

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