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Author note: Mahiru doesn’t like to lie, so please take it as a story from a different universe.


“Amane-kun, I have someone else I like.”

It was noon, April 1st, their rest day. Mahiru was seated next to Amane on the sofa when she smiled at him.

Amane himself knew it was a joke, even before he thought further about it. Looking at her attitude till this point, he was confident there was no boy she would like more than him.

Furthermore, it was April 1st. In other words, April Fools.

Mahiru appeared to be hoping for him to be caught or something as she showed a smile. She usually had no interest in such events, so it was very likely Chitose taught her something weird.

Then, he would simply play along.

“I see. So you’re abandoning me?”


In response to Amane’s words, Mahiru exclaimed in surprise.

“I thought I’m the only one for you, and I’m already thinking about the future…I see. Can’t help if there’s a guy you really like, Mahiru. My fault for not noticing your feelings there.”

“…It appears you know, even though you are into this, Amane-kun.”

“Know what?”

Amane deliberately retorted back, and Mahiru groaned,

“…A-about, me lying to you…”

“Well, I know that you like me, Mahiru.”

“Th-that is right, but…uuu”

“You like me, and you lied to me while trusting me, right?”

He was asking a question, but Amane was really confident.

The proof of that truth was how Mahiru was looking down with her face all red. It seemed she did not expect to be seen through completely.

He gave a wry grin at her uselessness, patting her head.

“Well, I lied too, so tit for tat.”


“I won’t leave you. I would have thought of leaving if it’s in the past, if it’s for your sake, Mahiru…I can’t do that now though. I hate this.”

If it were in the past, he would have left Mahiru if she had fallen for someone, and back then, he did not express his feelings.

But it was impossible for him at this point. He could not endure the thought of not being next to her.

He hoped that Mahiru’s feelings would never leave it, and if there was a possibility of her finding another boy who was better, he felt he was willing to better himself, and have Mahiru fall for him again.

Having said that as he stared at her caramel-colored eyes, her cheeks turned red instantly.


“Mahiru, you’re mine…can’t I?”

“No-not that, you cannot…for I am yours, Amane-kun.”


Once he got Mahiru’s promise, Amane embraced Mahiru firmly as though he was ensuring his possession of her, and she smiled away in delight, looking a little bashful.

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