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“Bubble tea challenge…?”


Mahiru tilted her head in confusion, and Amane, knowing that he should not have mentioned it, pursed his lips in regret.


They were headed home when Amane spotted a mobile bubble tea shop. “It’s trending nowadays.” he said it as a joke, but Mahiru did not seem to know. There was a strong feeling of naivete on her face, as she showed no understanding of what was going on.

It appeared she was shocked by his reaction however, and started to panic a little.


“Erm, I-I do know of bubble tea though. It is made from tapioca powder. High school girls do drink it often.”

“…You never drank it before, Mahiru?”

“Embarrassingly, no.”

“That’s surprising. You don’t drink it with Chitose?”

“Chitose-san said, 『I prefer crepes to bubble tea』…”



That big eater of a high school girl would surely say such things. Another reason might be that both of them often ate the crepes from the shop at the station, which were really good.


“But, erm, sorry for not hearing about this, but I do not know what this bubble tea challenge is…though I heard there is a condition to be met while drinking bubble tea or something…”

“Ahh yeah that’s about it…you don’t have to mind.”


It was great that she quickly wrapped her mind around it, but challenging that was pretty much a lost cause.
If she failed, Mahiru would be troubled, but if she succeeded, Amane would be troubled over where his eyes should go.


“Ehh, I am a little curious now that you say so.”

“You don’t have to be.”

“Mmm…but that aside, since girls do like to drink bubble tea, I shall buy one.”



Since her curiosity was piqued, she informed Amane of her intentions, and joined the waiting queue of high school girls.

It appeared this would take a short while, so he had a look at his smartphone.


About five minutes passed as Amane watched Mahiru and waited for her to queue, before she finally returned.

She was holding a drink, apparently milk tea, with some black beads inside it. He saw one first glance that it was bubble milk tea, and was a little impressed.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Ah, it’s fine.”

“This is the first time I am drinking it. It seems the bubble tea challenge is to put the drink cup on the chest and drink it.”


“It is convenient to search things on the web. Almost all answers can be found there.”


It appeared the wise Mahiru had turned to the instrument of technology without hesitation. Amane usually felt it was a good thing for her to adapt so quickly, but this time, he was left vexed.


“Shall I challenge it?”

“N-no, erm.”

“Amane-kun, you have been looking here for quite some time.”

“Sorry about that. No, erm…I-I’m a little curious, and it looks like you’ll succeed…”


While he had no guts to stare at her, he had a rough gauge of her bust size, having spent much time with her.

He did not know the exact cup size, but it appeared hers was a little larger than average, with ample space to put items on it, and she should be able to succeed the bubble tea challenge without difficulty.


It would be actually distracting if she were to succeed at doing so before him, so he wished she would not do so, if possible.

But as a male, he had a desire to see her do so after all, and it left him in a dilemma.


“I will do so if you let me try, Amane-kun.”

“…Ahh, erm.”

“I do understand it is natural for males to be curious about the females’ chests.”

“I feel conflicted that you’re being so understanding…”

“It is scarier if you are not interested, no?”

“Well, when you put it that way.”


It would be strangely scary to see a high school boy without any sex drive. At the very least, Amane was just like the others, but not showing it out of concern for Mahiru.


“…Do you want to look?”

“…I want to.”


And just like ordinary people, he lost to the temptation.

Mahiru only suggested to try the challenge because Amane was the one who mentioned the bubble tea challenge, but he had this feeling that she was trying this because of him, and felt an itch within his heart.


Everything Amane wanted her to do before, Mahiru did so, and that was scary, “Now then.” she was about to put the bubble tea on her chest.

Then, Amane grabbed her wrist.


“Mahiru-san, erm, it’ll be hard to deal with your clothes if you fail here. Better to do it when we go home.”

“I guess so.”


She nodded away understandingly, and he was relieved. He looked around, and found other males glancing at them from time to time, averting their eyes once he looked back at them.


(Can’t take any chances here.)


They were looking here, having realized that a pretty girl with a really nice body was about to do the recent fad that was the bubble tea challenge, but Amane did not want others to see.

He was not bemused to have his own girlfriend being part of their delusions.

But he could not simply express these thoughts, and he showed his usual expression as he patted Mahiru’s head.


He felt a little regret as he heard the chatter regarding her gentle smile, but he too smiled once he remembered that her smile was directed at him.


“Speaking of which, I have just thought of it. Is it not safer to use water if I want to try putting something on my chest?”

“Well, when you put it that way, yeah.”


Already used to his headpat, Mahiru looked a little shy, before she stared at the bubble tea in her hands.

It was called the bubble tea challenge, but it was simply a measure of whether the bust size was sufficient in holding up a drink, so there was no need to do the challenge with bubble tea. Rather, it would be better if the container had water instead.


A reasonable choice, so Amane thought, and Mahiru looked up at him.


“Shall I take the chance to drink and see if it is delicious?”


It appeared Mahiru had more interest in the bubble tea than the challenge itself, and that she was embarrassed about wanting to buy it without a reason.


As she stared back at him with a look of anticipation, he could only marvel at how cute she was. “Well, you bought it, Mahiru, just do what you want.” so he answered as he patted her on the head again.

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