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“Trick or Treat.”


October 31st.

Mahiru suddenly said these words, and he was reminded that it was Halloween.

He was confused, as he did not have much interest to begin with, but it appeared Mahiru wanted to challenge herself in this seasonal event. She appeared to be dressed in a nurse uniform.


Where did these clothes come from? He averted his eyes as he wondered, but Mahiru appeared a little displeased by the weak reaction shown, and sat next to him, poking his upper arm.


“…Or do you not know of Halloween?”

“No actually, I know what it is, but…”

“Please give me sweets. If you refuse, I shall prank you.”

“Sweets huh? Alright.”


He pulled out the mint gum he bought after school from the bag next to him, and handed it to her, causing her to frown in intrigue.


“I am surprised that you have some, but gum…”

“It’s a sweet.”

“That is true, but this probably is not sweet.”

“It’s not sugarless.”


There were some zero sugar gums sold out there, but this was one with sugar added, so he could pass it off as one.

Mahiru looked extremely peeved that she never got to prank Amane, and this time, he reached his palm out to her.


“So, it’s time you give me something now right, Mahiru?”

“Fufu. I have prepared this in advance, just so that I will not be pranked.”

She seemed to have expected Amane to say this, smiling away as she took out a syringe filled with some colorful fluid.

It was not to be used for medical purposes. It was a plastic case in the shape of a syringe. The tip was not sharp, the hole on the tip and the cylinder itself being very big.

It probably contained some colored water candy.


“We made it like that to go along with clothing. We also have ramune in the form of medicine capsules.”

“Well, you’re being thorough here…”

“Chitose-san and I thought about this…just to ask, Amane-kun, what do you think?”

“Well, that’s cute…cute, but.”


“…I really hoped you wouldn’t choose to wear a miniskirt.”


For cosplay purposes, she was wearing an outfit with a design and length not seen in the actual job, but perhaps it was a little too stimulating.

He could not see the undergarments, but he could see the legs. It was a little awkward to Mahiru, with her nice body, wearing this uniform.


Truly it was Chitose’s idea, so he muttered as he looked aside, hearing a chuckle.


“…Does it not suit me?”

“It does…but if you’re wearing such stimulating clothing.”

“You mean?”

“I’ll be troubled, you see…aren’t you more troubled than me?”


Amane might lose his mind and go for some skinship, so if possible, he hoped she would not wear such clothing.


It appeared a stunned Mahiru did not understand him, and he gave a wry smile as he reached his arms around her knees and back, lifting her up and putting her on his thighs.

He then lifted her face, and brought it close to his cheek. With a hand on her back, he gently caressed her thighs.


“Since you like to wear this, can I touch?”

“Ah, uu…th-that is something you cannot help with, right?”

“What, you want me to touch you?”

“I did not say so! You are to be punished with sweet medicine for saying this, Amane-kun.”


Her face was completely beetroot as she injected the water candy onto his lips, and he did not resist.

The water candy that was squeezed out slightly was sweet, and Amane, not one particularly fond for sweets, did not like the taste.


After eating a little, he snatched the syringe from Mahiru’s hand, putting it on the table.

Then, he bit on Mahiru’s lips.


“…! …Nn!!”


Since she was displeased with the gum, he thought of sharing this sweetness with her, and when his lips left hers, she was left completely limp.

Her body quivered slightly when he gently caressed her thighs and back, and there was an unspeakable sexy feeling to that. In fact, there was nothing particularly erotic, and he merely felt itchy.


“…I gave you candy. Don’t prank me now.”


Mahiru pouted for a little while, and muttered away; Amane chuckled as he began to pat her head, coaxing her.

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