“Mahiru, what are you applying?”

Mahiru, seated on the sofa, was spreading some translucent stick on her lips, and Amane blinked away.

“Lip balm. Honey flavored.”

So she said as she gently applied it. Well, there actually was the word ‘honey’ written on the packaging.

“They come with flavors nowadays…?”

“You do sound like a grandpa…they do come with flavors recently, like chocolate, strawberry, green apple. I usually use medicinal lip balm because of the school rules, but Chitose-san said this is fine too.”

It appeared to be Chitose’s recommendation. Mahiru herself seemed to like it as she capped the lip balm back excitedly.

“Oh.” So Amane said as he stared at Mahiru’s lips. They were softer and bouncier because of the balm, giving off an indescribable, refreshing scent.

“…What is it?”

Once she noticed herself being stared at, Mahiru tilted her head incredulously.

“Well, just wondering if it’ll be sweet to kiss.”

“Hm hm, do you want to try?”

She smiled impishly as she pointed at her lips, thinking it would just be a joke. “Don’t mind me.” but Amane answered as he bit at her lips.

She shivered, never expecting him to really do so, but she never intended to stop him, for she was the one who invited him.

So Amane enjoyed the moist lips, softer than usual as he felt his way along her lips, the sweet taste of honey spreading in his mouth.

“…Well, that’s really sweet.”

So he muttered, and a blushing Mahiru glared up at him.

“…You said that and you’re the one embarrassed now…owww, I get it, I’m sorry.”

As he was slapped by her, he decided not to taunt her anymore while he continued to savor her lips.

He felt a different sweetness from the usual kiss, and whenever he licked her, she would fidget bashfully, leaving him desiring more.

“…But it’s really sweet.”

“Nn…E-erm, my balm’s going to wear off.”

On the verge of surrendering, Mahiru pressed her palms on Amane’s chest, her bashful and moist caramel-colored eyes staring back at him.

“I can’t continue?”

“Uuu…I am reapplying it now. Hmph.”

It appeared he was allowed to continue.

Finding Mahiru to be adorable for choosing to forgive him again, Amane brought his lips onto hers again.


The following day, Mahiru sat next to Amane with lip balm applied, the color of her lips different.

Amane unwittingly smiled, and realizing that, Mahiru retreated back tentatively.

“Wh-what is it?”

“Well, my girlfriend’s cute.”

“What is with that out of a sudden…nn”

Before she could finish her eyes, Amane stuffed her lips with his own, the rich sweetness of the sweet and sour fruit spreading in his mouth.

He bullied Mahiru for deliberately changing the flavor, and his lips naturally relaxed. He felt she wanted to be kiss when she applied a different flavor, and for some reason, the kiss lasted longer

“Strawberry today?”

After a while, he removed his lips, asking her, and found her face to be completely sizzling, resembling a red, ripened strawberry.

“What’s the flavor tomorrow?”

“…Chili peppers?”

“Your lips will swell, Mahiru.”

“They will swell when you are kissing me so many times, Amane-kun.”

She muttered with a pout, and having messed up this time, Amane gave a wry smile as he kissed her gently.

“In that case, we’ll make them swell with sweetness. You can help me with that, Mahiru.”

“…I want to apply chocolate lip balm on you, Amane-kun.”

“As you wish.”

So we can kiss, huh? He wondered, but never voiced it out; he was bemused by how enthusiastic she was for some reason as he thoroughly enjoyed her lips.

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    Getting impatient to see the scene where they become lover in the main story!

    1. Woah wait what they actually kissed? I’m kinda lost cuz chapter 17 of the web novel disappeared but this is cute as hell

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  3. I just finished reading the light novel and I was like ‘Woah they are kissing already hahaha’ can’t wait for the ln too bad I can’t read the web one

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