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    1. Cleaning (Chapter 5):

      “Ah.” So Mahiru blurted, and at that instant,
      Amane instinctively slid towards the floor she was about to fall upon.
      He felt a soft sensation and a sweet scent.

      “We are cleaning up to prevent this from happening, you know?”

      Bear (Chapter 9):

      “…I will not do, such a cruel thing. I will, treasure it well.”
      Her innocent smile was so pure. He stared at her with bated breath, finding her so beautiful, so adorable.

      Cake (Chapter 11):

      “You do not want to?”
      “…No, well, that…since you’re giving it to me, I’ll accept it.”

    2. Do you know where the ln volume 1 and 2 are? I clicked on NU link but it said error 404, so I thought it was taken down but i can’t read it anywhere else! Please help

  1. Where is the ln volume 1 and 2? I just get error if I click on the NU link and I can’t find it here in this website

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