Nice to meet you. This is Saeki-san.


Did you enjoy ‘My Neighbor Angel’?

I tried writing with the aim of writing a love comedy that is heartwarming, fluffy, and relaxed, so I probably achieved this.

Initially, they were cold and aloof towards each other, but they started to build trust, and got closer to each other──the change in feelings and relationship has me really happy.

Slowly, slowly, they closed the distance between them as they knew more about each other. I felt we should have this kind of story. Well, to put it, “Getting people anxious is the best part about this!”

This work was rewritten and edited from the web version, and to be honest, in this volume alone, they had not pointed their arrows at each other. They will get serious later on.

Henceforth, they will grow closer to each other while causing panic. Mutual attraction is the best.


In this work, the heroine Mahiru had the nickname of Angel, and it is thanks to the illustrations that she truly lived up to it. It is thanks to Hazano Kazutake-sensei’s amazing illustrations for adding such charm to the Angel Mahiru.

Actually, when discussing this with the editor, I insisted that Kazutake-sensei would be great (glances), and he agreed. I feel a little sheepish about that.

Well, I like sensei, and was moved by that…thank you very much for being the illustrator!

The charming illustrations from Kazutake-sensei shows how cute the characters are. I always end up rolling on the floor after receiving each illustration. The Angel really is an Angel.

I am really grateful for such amazing illustrations…!


Last of all, some thanksgivings to all who have taken care of me.

I am truly grateful to all who have devoted all their efforts in publishing this work, the editor, everyone in the GA Bunko editorial branch, the sales department, the QC, Hazano Kazutake-sensei, everyone at the publisher, and to you who have picked up this book. Thank you very much.

So I write till here, praying that we will meet again in the next volume.


Thank you for reading until the very end…!

15 thoughts on “[Angel V1] Afterword

  1. thanks for the hard work ! umm may you pick up LN called Tensei Kizoku no Isekai Boukenroku: Jichou wo Shiranai Kamigami no Shito ?

    1. Already have it. No idea when I’ll start.

      Two conditions:

      1. If it won’t get licensed within the next 3 months.
      2. Someone does the Tenshi manga chapter.

      1. Tenshi manga check, as I stumbled upon this light novel from the manga, though it’s one-shot.
        Thanks for the translation.

    1. Two conditions:

      1. If it won’t get licensed in the next 3 months.
      2. Someone does the Tenshi manga chapter.

  2. Oooh that sucks, that means that if it doesn’t get a License we’ll have to wait for the next three months, i hope someone can pick up the webnovel version.

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