To Mahiru, Amane was a lazy, incorrigible, crude boy.

At least a month passed ever since they first interacted, and Mahiru began having dinner at his house. “How has he lived till this point?” she wondered again.

Under her guidance, Amane’s house remained tidy after a major cleanup. It was horrible before that however; he often ate out or bought food from the convenience stores. “Is he seriously saying that he stayed alone?” One had to be either frustrated or impressed or dumbfounded.

Amane’s living habits improved after he spent time together with her, but without it, he surely would be living an unhealthy lifestyle.

He really was sloppy, a failure when it came to living independently, but his personality was surprisingly pleasant.

He would not pursue Mahiru, but he would not leave her be, and would get along with her while considering their distance and situations. He remained aloof, but he was not inconsiderate; he could be considered kind, gentlemanly.

He was a little different from all the similarly aged boys she interacted with, and for this reason, she was willing to take care of this trash of a boy.


After dinner, Amane washed the dishes, and returned to the living room with two steaming mugs.

They contained coffee, and he added milk into the patterned mug, as Mahiru would always do so in hers.

“…Thank you.”

“No biggies. Good work together.”

He handed a mug to Mahiru, and sat next to her with no ulterior thought.

Then, without saying anything, he leaned onto the sofa, drinking his coffee.

He looked haphazard as he placed a leg over another. Once he noticed her stare, “What?” he asked in a cold voice.

“…No, nothing. I just feel that you are rather earnest with an eye of detail, Fujimiya-san. You do care for others even though you are worthless.”

“I can’t deny that, but the ‘worthless’ part is too much.”

He merely smiled away, not fuming. Gruff he was, he was not lacking in feelings. After they got a little closer, she understood that he might appear cold, but he was truly a warm-hearted person.

He was impertinent, sometimes giving an aloof impression, but his voice was kind, and he showed concern to her whenever she was tired. He knew when not to probe too deeply into places she did not want to talk about, and he was someone she could relax with.

“…You do not have to worry about me. We shared the cost of ingredients, and I have received labor payment from you.”

“Nothing to do with you. I’m just talking to myself…I can finish both mugs if you want.”

“I cannot allow you to be bloated. I shall accept this graciously then.”

Amane never would expect his favors to be repaid, he just wanted to care for others. Mahiru said nothing more as she drank the coffee he brewed while this ridiculous atmosphere lingered.

Perhaps it was just her, but there seemed to be an added spoonful of sugar in the coffee.

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