“…Say, Mahiru.”


“I can switch the channel if you’re scared.”

“I am not.”

Mahiru was looking paler than usual, denying so with a nonchalant voice. Amane could not help but think she was putting up a facade, given how her body was quivering.

She was terrified of the inopportune horror flick. Amane was merely watching the TV with Mahiru next to him, just minding his own business…and then he noticed her grabbed at his sleeve, the manner she did so seemingly a cute onomatopoeia.

To be blunt, she was really looking pale. Whenever she heard a scream, her body would quiver, her eyes a little moist. Amane would be distracted from the movie whenever he noticed her so, his attention focused solely on her.

(If she’s scared, can’t she just say it and go home already?)

He was not forcing her to watch, and if she did not like it, she could have just gone back. He was unsure as to why she insisted on watching something she disliked.

While wondering, Amane intended to reach for the remote control on the table. A white clothed ghost female so happened to appear on the screen. Mahiru jolted, poking her forehead onto Amane’s shoulder.

She did not appear to be fooling around in a ‘oh dear, I am scared’ attitude; she was utterly terrified, and Amane could not simply pry her away.

“…I say, if you’re scared, don’t watch.”

His heart palpitated due to the fragrance up close, but he coaxed Mahiru while trying to act calm. He took the remote, switched off the TV, and Mahiru looked up at him.

He gasped as she stared at him with teary eyes.

“…You would have laughed at me if I ran when the show started, no?”

“No, who do you think I am…just say that you can’t take it.”

“…It is embarrassing to still be a scaredy cat at this age.”

It seemed Mahiru did not want Amane to know that she was scared of ghosts.

“I never think of that…just that you have something you can’t handle well.”

“I am human too. There are many things I cannot handle.”


“…Not telling you.”

She turned her head around, and he heaved a sigh of relief, glad that she was not as terrified because of how distracted. “What a pity.” he said.

While she was still kicking a fuss, her fingers never left his sleeve for dozens of minutes. “Guess she’s still scared.” so he thought as he gave a wry smile.

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