『When did you start dating Mahiru-chan?』

On the night the tornado called Shihoko struck, Amane received a phone call, and frowned.

“I said I don’t have such feelings, and I don’t plan to date her.”

He firmly denied that, 『Ehhhh–』and there was a displeased voice from the other end of the phone.

“Why do you make it sound like a pity?”

『You say you have no interest in her, but you led her into your house, so I have to guess, you know?』

“That’s not the case. Get dad to pick up. This call’s never going to end with you talking, mom.”

『How rude. I can get Shuuto-san here. Looks like he wants to talk to you.』

While Amane could have Shihoko convey the gist of the message, she might make it a hyperbole. He wanted to state the facts.

There were some sounds on the other end of the phone, along with a clear, deep voice.

『Hey, it’s me.』

“Dad, don’t believe mom’s words completely.”

That was the first thing Amane said. 『He’s too much!』He could vaguely hear Shihoko say such words, but chose to ignore them. 『Hmm, I get the situation now, more or less.』so Shuuto chuckled.

『So your neighbor’s cooking for you? She’s obedient and adorable, and that’s why Shihoko’s so excited.』


『Hmm, I understand. I know that you really trust that kid…Shiina.』

Otherwise she would not be spending her rest days with you, so Shuuto said, and Amane clammed up.

Unlike Shihoko, Shuuto’s voice was calm, never bantering him, just stating his own thoughts, and Amane could not refute strongly. In fact, Shuuto was right to say that Amane trusted Mahiru.

『I’m not going to say much since you’re the one who made the promise with her, Amane. Don’t rely entirely on her though.』

“Got it.”

『I’m glad that you have someone who really understands you, since you’re so aloof and unlikeable. As a father, I’m glad that you have a friend who knows who you really are inside.』

Shuuto had seen up close that Amane became distrustful of others due to various reasons, so his voice was filled with relief and delight. Amane had caused him much trouble and worry in middle school, “Yeah.” so he replied sheepishly.

『…Hmm. Shall I drop by with Shihoko as well? After all, she is someone trustworthy enough for you to invite home. I want to meet her and thank her for taking care of my son all this while.』

“…Don’t just pop by. She’ll be scared.”

『I know that. Just that since I never got to see you, it’ll be great if I have a chance to show up next time.』

Shuuto chuckled, stating that he was really looking forward to the next time, so Amane decided to prepare Mahiru for the next encounter.

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