“…Amane-kun, are you not cold?”

Amane so happened to bump into Mahiru on his way home, who narrowed her eyes upon seeing his attire.

He would be cold if he was dressed in a jersey and jacket over his shirt, as he did when he first met Mahiru. Thus, he was wearing a coat, but he seemed cold to her.

He was truly a little cold, dressed in a relatively thin coat, but he was not at the point of being frozen. He was not wearing anything else to keep warm, simply because he had nothing other than the coat. He was not forcing himself, he simply had nothing to keep warm with.

On a side note, Mahiru herself was armed with a thick coat, muffler, and gloves. In contrast, Amane appeared to be freezing, aside from his legs.

“I’m not really cold here.”

“…Your ears and nose are red.”

“Can’t help it. There was a strong gust just now.”

Amane forgot to bring over winter clothing aside from his coat when he shifted over, and one could say it was his fault. However, he did not think it was much of a hindrance, so he never bought extra winter clothing even in this season.

In fact, it was colder here than in his hometown. He thought to himself that he should be buying gloves, or a muffler.

“Good thing school isn’t too far from our homes. I’ll be fine with just a little cold.”

“I will be troubled if you catch a cold again.”

“I’ll make sure not to catch it again.”

“…While I believe you will not end up like the last time, please be careful.”

Because you never take care of your own health, Amane-kun, so Mahiru muttered as she sized up his face and his uncovered neck.


“Nothing. I guess you do not have to suffer for long since our break is coming.”

Their exams had ended, and awaiting them was Christmas, after their end of term ceremony. He should be able to endure for this long, at least. If this kept up, it seemed January and February would be colder, so he wanted to buy some items to keep himself warm before then.

Got to go shopping, so he muttered as he got onto the elevator, and Mahiru silently followed him in.

For some reason, he felt a stare upon his neck. However, he ignored Mahiru’s stare, having understood that he looked cold.

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