His vision suddenly turned dark, and he exclaimed.

It was said the weather was bad this week due to the air pressure. There was an ongoing thunderstorm outside, but he never expected a power outage.

The strong thunderclap was followed with the TV and lights turning dark. It appeared to be a power outage.

Luckily, the computer should be fine as it was pulled from its power source. He would have to check the other appliances however.

“Your phone’s with you? Mine’s in my bag inside the room.”

Amane had kept away the flashlight, and wanted to use the cellphone light, but his phone was in the bedroom. He was thinking that Mahiru, who was reading her textbook, should have a phone with her, but there was no response,


Amane called her name apprehensively, and found his clothes being tugged at?

What now? He called her once again, but there was no response.

What’s going on? He reached towards her position, and touched something slim. It probably was her arm…but for just a moment, it clearly shook and evaded.

Thud, thick, something appeared to land on the floor, followed by a groan, “How unsightly…” and a mutter from below.

“…Erm, sorry for scaring you.”

“…No, I have just scared myself.”

He was really sorry about scaring Mahiru to the point where she fell from the sofa. It appeared she was in no mood to care about this as she fumbled at the sofa, trying to climb up.

He was worried if she was injured anywhere, but luckily it appeared she was not hurting. Her fingers merely grazed him again, as though trying to cling onto his clothes.

It was a ticklish, anxious feeling. Amane could not suppress the urge to gently hold her slender arm, and she shivered again, but did not fall off the sofa.

“Looking for this?”

“…Are you making fun of me?”

“Why’d you think so?”

“For example, that it is rare to see me panicking from a power outage, that you have to tease.”

“Look, I’m not that mischievous.”

Mahiru was usually reliable, and not one to show weakness. She was merely a girl though, and a sudden power outage would usually leave adults unnerved too.

The thunder continued to bellow outdoors, the rain pelting loudly, the house was exceptionally silent. It was no wonder she would feel fearful.

Mahiru’s insistent tugging at Amane’s clothes all this while was clear proof of that.

Before he held her hand and felt her skin, Amane was hesitant. Since she did not pry herself away from him, he continued to hold that hand gently.

“…Are you scared of the dark?”

Amane asked, and seemed to see Mahiru shaking her head gently.

“…Not the dark. Just that.”


“…I dislike it when there is no light, out of a sudden.”

“I see.”

“It is not nyctophobia. I am not scared.”

“Yes yes.”

It appeared Mahiru would never admit to being scared, and she sounded more distant when denying it. Having spent much time with her, Amane could tell she was cutely putting on a facade.

Luckily, it was dark, and Mahiru could not see Amane’s little smile. “…Just.” she softly quipped, and Amane reeled his smile to listen,


“…If we hold hands, I will feel that I am not alone. I feel relieved.”

“I see.”

Her voice was soft, yet a little relieved, gentler. Amane held her hand gently.

“…The power is back. I shall check on the appliances.”

The moment the lights lit the room, Mahiru gently let go of Amane’s hand, and gently stood up.

This change in attitude was too obvious, and Amane showed a wry smile. It was better for him not to mention it however, considering how her ears showing through the flax-colored hair were red.

He too stood up, wanting to check on the electrical switch box’s condition. The moment he passed Mahiru by, “Thank you.” he heard a soft voice, and inadvertently turned to look at Mahiru.

The latter had turned aside as she scampered into the kitchen. He could only scratch his cheek, before going to the box by the washroom.

He too was blushing in the mirror. “This really is unlike me.” and muttered as he frowned, averting his eyes in an attempt to conceal the embarrassment in his heart.

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