“It does not seem like you are a picky eater.”

Amane graciously ate the dinner Mahiru made, delicious as usual, when she said so.

“I do have my favorites.”

“Eggs, I know. But you do not have any particular dislikes, and it is great for me as the chef.”

“Nothing that I particularly dislike. To nitpick, I don’t like anything too spicy or bitter.”

“Only the minority likes that…probably none.”

“Yep, nothing I can say that I really hate.”

Amane was not really picky. Of course, it was unknown if he would dislike any ingredient he had never heard of, but there was nothing in his daily meals that he really had to avoid.”

“So, why do you ask?”

“Nothing. Just thought of it. You never said that you cannot eat anything, Amane-kun.”

“I don’t have anything I dislike. Even if I have stuff I hate, you’ll make it delicious anyway, Mahiru.”

Given her cooking skills, it was likely she could make it suitably edible for Amane even if it was food he disliked. He never had any ingredient he particularly disliked, so such a scenario would never happen.

“I believe in your cooking skills. Besides, every dinner’s been great, and I’m very happy with them even though I’m not picky. Thanks for everything so far.”

There were times when he would crave for certain foods, but he had no need to mention whatever he disliked.

Every day, he would heartily finish the food with graciousness.

He declared firmly as he finished the fluffy rice. She widened her eyes, and lowered her eyes slightly.

He was worried if the heavy words left her dejected, but it seemed not. Her white skin started to turn red.

Mahiru was probably embarrassed. Amane had yet to grasp the moments exactly, but he felt she was easily embarrassed whenever she was earnestly praised on the spot. This might be the same case.

“…It is pointless of you to praise me so.”

“Oh. Ah, another bowl please.”

I’m not done. So Amane raised the empty bowl of rice to her, and saw her snatch it and scuttle back to the kitchen.

She got away, so he quietly laughed as he stared at the fluttering flax color.

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