“…Erm, why are you looking at me?”

Mahiru was busy making dinner, and Amane watched her cook from the corridor. She asked without looking at me.

“Just seeing how you cook.”

“I know without you telling me. But why?”

“Just curious to how you do it.”

Amane was bad at cooking, and did not know how to make food delicious, so he stayed by the side, watching. Just to note, he knew nothing other than how skilled she was.

“I have not done anything special.”

“Hm, but I am curious about how you’re able to cook delicious stuff. Just trying to pick up some tricks from you.”

“Practice makes perfect…the outcome was a little pitiful, but you can improve with more practice.”

Mahiru was probably referring to the fried vegetables and the scrambled eggs he called an omelette days ago.

“I know. That’s why I’m watching you cook and picking up some pointers.”

“I will be distracted if you keep looking like this…”


Amane did not intend to disturb her, but since she said so, he had to leave.

He understood one would be distracted if they were being stared at. Perhaps he was being inconsiderate.

He intended to just apologize and return. Then, Mahiru turned around.

“If you want to watch up close, please put on an apron and help me.”

“That’s the best I can do…but won’t it affect you?”

“I cannot just ignore the novices, and when I can, all the more I should help. Also, this does affect the future.”

She was right, and logical. Every person once lacked experience; some were guided by their seniors, some taught themselves, but every person had a period of inexperience. It would be inappropriate to forget about this and harshly treat others.

Amane was amazed by the rationality she showed, and she looked over at him, dumbfounded.

“I did say that you are to start by helping out, no?”

“…You did.”

“Fine, stop looking and engrave it in your body.”

She chuckled impishly, and so did he as he reached for his own apron on the cupboard.

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