Thank you very much for picking up this book.

I suppose you are reading this second volume because you read the first, but please allow me to re-introduce myself. I am the author, Saeki-san.

I wonder if the second volume of My Neighbor Angel is to your satisfaction.


This volume is mostly about the changes to Mahiru’s own predicament and emotions after she opened up slightly to Amane. It’s a heartwarming story, sometimes grim, but still a heartwarming one.

She clearly stated she didn’t like him, just concerned, and found herself falling for him, increasingly embarrassed. Don’t you find such a heroine cute? Adorable, isn’t she? (A clumsy parent here)

It’s a story about two people slowly falling for each other, so from here on, they’ll be anxious, flustered, and unwittingly passionate. Please look forward to it.

I guess in the next volume, the archangel Mahirun will have a job change into the little devil Mahirun (sorta).


And a slight change of topic, starting from this volume, the illustrations is handled by Hanekoto-sensei. Thank you very much to Kazutake Hazano-sensei for assisting until now.

This time, whenever I get Hanekoto-sensei’s illustrations, awawa…I find myself at a loss for words. I don’t know if I can mention about the special edition, but the illustration of her wearing his shirt is really wonderful. All hail the difference in height. Of course, all the illustrations are awesome.

Saeki’s best joy is seeing the illustration of the princess carry, the huge difference in size. The difference in arm size is really great.


Well, if I’m to write everything I like, there won’t be enough space here. It’s too bad, but I have to stop here.

I’m really blessed to be able to hang up such amazing illustrations. Thank you very much, Hanekoto-sensei(Bows head deeply).


And finally, to the people who cared for me.


The editor-in-charge who assisted in the publishing of this work, everyone in the GA bunko editorial branch, the sales team, QC, Hanekoto-sensei, everyone at the printers, and to all you readers taking this book, my earnest thanks to you.

We shall meet again in the next volume…it’ll be released, right?


Thank you very much for reading until the very end!

11 thoughts on “[Angel V2] Afterword

  1. Can I start a cult to worship Saeki san and Hellping?
    Thank you very very very very very much for the story and the translation.It’s extremely rare to find a good romance manga directed towards male audience without any fantasy/supernatural stuff.This novel is a piece of art for me and ooh boi,the translation quality and speed is something to be amazed of.
    Hope you keep translating the other volumes and once again thank you very much for your hard work.

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