“I’m really sorry.”

At this moment, Amane was seated on the carpet of the living room.

He broke Mahiru’s favorite glass cup. It was not a cheap item that could be bought at a 100 yen shop; it was worth thousands of yen, or even ten thousand.

And Mahiru, standing before him, looked speechless rather than disappointed.

“No, I am not angry about the broken glass. It can be replaced. More importantly, I am angry at you for touching the broken glass bare-handed”

“I panicked…”

“Is it not foolish to be hurt because you panic? You cannot touch broken things with your hands like that. You need to put on gloves.”

Mahiru lectured Amane in a motherly manner, and in fact had picked up the large glass pieces using gloves she pulled out of nowhere, before sweeping the remaining bits with a broom and dustpan.

She removed the head of the vacuum cleaner before using it to remove the little fragments, before using tape to clear the invisible bits. Amane was so impressed to see her so dedicated.

“W-well…it’s something you like, Mahiru. Of course I’d panic.”

“We can buy a new one to replace it. You are the important one, Amane-kun.”

Amane felt strangely bashful when Mahiru said that so earnestly. He knew she had no other intent in her words. People were more important than items, and he knew she wanted to state that.

Are you listening to me?  Mahiru looked displeased, probably because Amane looked so out of it.

“Anyway, please be careful. Goodness.”

“Yes, I will. Anyway, about the compensation…”

“I am not asking you to pay…ah.”

Mahiru seemed to have thought of something, for she suddenly showed a little smile.

“Please accompany me to buy a new glass. I want you to choose, Amane-kun.”

“Can’t I just go alone?”

“Are you unhappy with that?”

“No, please allow me to accompany you.”

Amane just broke Mahiru’s favorite glass, and he determined it would be bad if he ruined her mood any further. He agreed to accompany her.

Mahiru smiled, for her mood was brightened when Amane agreed to accompany her. “I shall see you tomorrow then.” Amane could only nod.

He saw her smile joyously, If you’re happy, so be it then, and felt relieved as he smiled back at her.


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  1. >“We can buy a new one to replace it. You are the important one, Amane-kun.”~

    Yep, he’s dense~
    Also that line got stuck in me while reading ahead~

    Also Mahiru got a “date” in exchange for a cup~!
    Thanks for the translation~!

  2. This is my favorite novel I’ve ever read, I just hate how dense MC is. But I’m gonna be getting diabetes soon, someone better dig my grave.

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