Once he got home, Amane found Mahiru wearing his sweater.

Just moments ago, Amane had returned after going out in this gloomy weather to attend to urgent matters. Before he had left the apartment, he had requested, “If it rains, please bring in my clothes.”

His sweater should be dry, and it would not have been strange for her to have brought his clothes in. What surprised Amane was that Mahiru was wearing it.

“…Why are you wearing that?”

“E-erm, we-well.”



Mahiru apologized with a trembling voice, which flustered Amane, who had no intention of blaming her, so he hastily added, “I’m not angry with you.”

“So, why are you wearing my clothes?”

“E-erm, curiosity, I should say…I was thinking that your clothes were really big when I kept them…and then I just…”

“I see.”

Mahiru had worn Amane’s clothes in the past, but it seems that she was still very curious. She had sprained her ankle, and caught a cold the previous times she had worn his clothes. She probably had no time to fancy his clothes.

“Any inspiration from wearing my clothes?”

“…You are rather big after all, Amane-kun.”

“Of course. I’m taller than average.”

Amane was rather large for a boy, and Mahiru was average in height, and also had a slender body. Due to the difference in size, The sleeves and hem were overly long for her. At this point, she appeared to be wearing a one piece dress.

She looked cute and adorable with the long sleeves, and Amane found her all the more cuter, given that the girl he fancied was wearing his clothes.

He chuckled at the sight of her fidgeting, and after having noticed that gentle gaze of his, “Wh-what is it?” she asked timidly.

“Nothing. Just wondering if you really like this sweater since you’re wearing it.”

“I-it’s because.”

“You can wear it home. I don’t mind at all.”

Amane said jokingly. Mahiru pursed her lips, and went silent.

Did I overdo it? Amane started to regret, and looked towards Mahiru. She folded her arms before her chest, as though embracing herself, as she looked up at him.

“…Then it is decided.”


“You said so, Amane-kun.”

“Wai-wa-wait I don’t mind…but isn’t it a little toho big for you? It’s old too.”

“I shall wear it indoors.”

Mahiru said seriously, and turned her head aside.

Amane did not think it was a big deal for Mahiru to be wearing his own clothes, but he really wanted to ask, was it really fine to use a boy’s clothes as indoor wear?

It’s one thing if he was her boyfriend, but he wasn’t. He was just a neighbor, a friend. Was it really something to be happy about…so he thought, but it seemed Mahiru was really insistent on wearing it, and had no intention of giving it up. Whatever then, so he thought, and decided to give it to her.

He saw her shield the sweater by hugging herself, and gave a wry smile.

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